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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Tuesday 18 December 21:15 - Wednesday 19 December 20:45


(Mex, 2018; 135 '; vers.orig.sott) by Alfonso Cuarón, with Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

Golden Lion at the Venice Festival 2018

Thursday 13 December, 9.15 pm (
Friday, December 14th, 6.30 pm (
Saturday 15 December, 6.30 pm (ver.orig.sott. It.)
Sunday December 16th at 9.15 pm (
Tuesday 18 December, 9.30 pm (
Wednesday 19 December, 6.30 pm (

Full 6 euros
Reduced 4.50 euros

The story of a bourgeois Mexican family living in the Rome district of Mexico City in the seventies. In a turbulent year, Sofia, the mother of four children, has to deal with her husband's absence, while Cleo faces devastating news that threatens to distract her from taking care of Sofia's children, whom she loves as if they were her own. .

"How do you say 'Amarcord' in Mexican? 'Roma' Alfonso Cuarón remembers his childhood in a black and white capital in Mexico City (...) It is a film about women, yet another of this Venice of directors males that frame, with power, more She than Him. In the film Cleo is the proud protagonist of Mixteca of the people (the first film appearance of Yalitza Aparicio is sensational) while Sofia looks like a bourgeois little girl looking for redemption Fellini is everywhere and not as much for 'Amarcord' but rather for 'La strada' (forcing that they perform on TV and in front of young proletarians transforming the circus into mass martial arts), 'Le notti di Cabina' (the disorientation of a woman in front of her lover) cruel) and 'Eight and a half' (a tunnel blocked by still machines) .The Mexican director (...) directs, photographs and mounts with the clear intent to purify himself in the memory of a district (Rome) of Mexico City full of life even when on the street you shoot yourself s compassion (Massacre of Tlatelolco). Long hypnotic sequence planes and endless endless carting (one at sea against shivering waves). It lasts two hours and a quarter but we could see four more. "(Francesco Alò, 'Il Messaggero', 31 August 2018)

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