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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Thursday 14 March 21:15 - Tuesday 26 March 18:00


(Fra-Qat-Bel, 2018; 85 '; vers.orig.sott) of Meryem Benm'Barek; with Maha Alemi, Sarah Perles, Lubna Azabal

Friday, March 22, 6.30 pm - vers.orig.sott
Saturday 23 March at 16.30 - vers.orig.sott
Sunday, March 24 at 9.15 pm - vers.orig.sott
Tuesday 26 March at 16.30 - vers.orig.sott

Thursday, March 14, 9.15 pm (vers.orig.sott)
Friday 15 March, 4.30pm (vers.orig.sott)
Saturday 16 March, 6.00 pm (vers.orig.sott) to follow the meeting with the director Meryem Benm'Barek
Sunday 17 March, 11.00 (vers.orig.sott) and 18.30 (vers.orig.sott)
Tuesday 19 March, 4.30pm (vers.orig.sott)
Wednesday 20 March, 9.15 pm (vers.orig.sott)

Full 6 euros
Reduced 4.50 euros

Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 in the Un Certain Regard section

Critics Award from the Italian Film Critics National Syndicate for the following reason:

"In the cultural climate on the role of women in the Islamic world, Meryem Benm'Barek makes his directorial debut with a film that delves deeply into the meaning of a cinema that is both political and aesthetic at the same time, capable of reflecting on the real by also questioning moral codes and on a society in which hypocrisy is the only vehicle of relationship, where the "true" is instead repeatedly censored and hidden ".

Sofia, twenty, lives in Casablanca with her parents. During a family lunch, he has violent stomach cramps. His cousin Lena, a student of medical specialization in oncology, immediately understands the situation: Sofia is about to give birth. No one knew about her pregnancy. Discreetly, using as an excuse the need to go to the pharmacy, Lena takes the initiative to take Sofia to the hospital, where she gives birth. But there are only 24 hours to solve a big problem: Sofia must get married so as not to break the law. Thus began the search for his father ...

"The script cleverly reveals the hypocrisy of the upper middle class." (Variety)

"Sofia belongs to that category of film that distrusts do-gooders". (Le Monde)

"Sofia impresses with the skill with which it reveals a whole society to itself". (Cahiers du Cinéma)

"Intriguing from beginning to end". (Le Parisien)

"A woman and her secret impossible to hide. An Islamic country and its unresolved relationship with sexuality. A society divided into classes but united by economic interests.

Sofia is rich but not very pretty, an ugly duckling compared to her mother and aunt, elegant ladies of the good society of Rabat, and above all to her cousin and contemporary Lena, who has fine features, a French father and is a doctor. Sofia is protected by the well-being of her family, but does not have a job or an idea of what to do in life. The child he carries in his lap without everyone's knowledge is his revenge and at the same time his shame; the sign of his extraneousness to the family and social world to which he belongs.

Moroccan-born newcomer Meryem Benm'Barek, who grew up in Belgium, observes the story of her protagonist with a critical eye, making the deep-rooted social dynamics that run through her subtly yet ruthlessly emerge. The secret pregnancy of Sofia reveals the backwardness of the penal and moral codes of contemporary Morocco and in return the class clash between the two families involved in the case, both decided for different reasons - the honor for that of Sofia, the economic security for that of Omar - to hide questions of pure interest behind the facade of respectability.

With a style of extraordinary precision, played on fields and counter-shots that in the interior scenes give a visual account of the divisions between the characters, Benm'Barek (who last year in Cannes won with his film the Best Screenplay Award in the section Un certain regard) traces the portrait of a world that focuses on the Law and the family, but does not know how to resolve the persistent rift between modernity and tradition, private life and public morals.

In the immobility of a system that suffocates the individual will - frustrating women's sexual freedom, as well as the possibilities of emancipation of the weakest - it is therefore significant that the solution occurs thanks to the intervention, the insistence and the practicality of the suns women. The agreement between Sofia and Omar, which does not satisfy anyone but saves the face of everyone, is in fact the result of a transversal mediation between the mothers, aunts and sisters of the two boys, the only living and energetic figures in the film where, at On the contrary, men choose silence and inertia, strengthened by a secular privilege and only more than a facade. The present of man, therefore, and not only his future, is undeniably the woman ". (Roberto Manassero,

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