Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino

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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Tuesday 1 January 18:00 - Wednesday 9 January 23:30


(Ita-Usa, 2017; 152 '; vers.orig.sott. And by Luca Guadagnino; with Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson

Tuesday 1 January at 18.00 -; 9.00 pm -
Wednesday 2 January at 18.00 -; 9.00 pm - vers.orig.sott
Thursday 3 January at 6.00 pm - vers.orig.sott; 9.00 pm -
Friday 4 January at 18.00 -; 9.00 pm - vers.orig.sott
Saturday 5 January at 18.00 - vers.orig.sott; 9.00 pm -
Sunday 6 January at 18.00 -; 9.00 pm - vers.orig.sott
Tuesday 8 January at 18.00 - vers.orig.sott
Wednesday 9 January at 9.00 pm -

Full 6 euros
Reduced 4.50 euros


A brilliant and ambitious American dancer goes to Europe to attend a prestigious school. After the brutal murder of a fellow student and other bloody deaths that shatter the quiet of the campus, the girl understands that the academy is probably just the facade of a threatening organization.

"The Suspiria of Luca Guadagnino, the most ambitious and successful of his irregular cinema (...), often mounted by hammer in a gloomy atmosphere, but very realistic, meanwhile it is neither a tribute nor the remake of the cult of Dario Silver: it's a trip to that film, a speculative reinvention, a happy exploitation of that horrible oneiric system liberated in the interests of another author. (...) The plans, horror in the magic, terror in the real, maybe they are mirrored a little stronger, but the personal theater of Guadagnino's cruelty reflecting on the gesture of creativity is clearer. " (Silvio Danese, 'Nazione-Carlino-Giorno', 2 September 2018)


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