TU 35 Music - Isabella Fabbri, Ritual of Naught, Francesco Pe

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Address: Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Viale della Repubblica, 277

Date: Friday 15 September 21:30 - 00:00


Isabella Fabbri | Ritual of Naught | Francesco Pellegrino
Sounds at an Exhibition | live set | Ritual

Isabella Fabbri,
Sounds at an Exhibition

"What sound do the artwork have? Can you listen to them and talk to them? " These are the questions at Sounds at an Exhibition, a saxophone projecter Isabella Fabbri that combines visual art, music and performance. Designed for contemporary art museums and exhibitions, Sounds at an Exhibition is an interactive and itinerant performance that encourages audiences to listen to the 'inner sound' of works of art on an exhibition path, translating them into music.

Ritual of Naught
live set

Ritual of Naught was born in the fall of 2017 by the meeting of two musicians who share the interest in experimenting and searching for creative, sound and expressive possibilities. The duo is based on the presence of the electronic component manifested in various instruments (pedals, no input set, live electronics) and the presence of the voice, melodic element.
The compositions are performed through the improvisation and the creation of graphic signals that allow the development of thematic ideas, their evolution and their disintegration.

Francesco Pellegrino

Ritual is a concert for various small instruments and live electronics, divided into three separate tracks.
The compositions are based on software created by the author that allows you to record sounds in real time and through these samples to create immersive sound environments, manageable through probabilistic algorithms; this characteristic gives the songs a kind of compositional naturalness, a movement of sounds as organic material, alive.
In compositions, the sound is clearly divided into two planes: the acoustic - real sound and the virtual sound.
The result is a performance where human presence and "sounding" sound create another level, more complex and immersive, an invitation to contemplation.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1636041093096981

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