TU 35 Performance - Dropping Sounds Tutt-one

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Address: Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Viale della Repubblica, 277

Date: Thursday 14 September 21:30 - 00:00


Dropping sounds
performer Giovanni Corsini
sound designer, live electronics by Gabriele Pineider

A journey between nature and human being.
Duality between instinct and rationality. Binomio between hyperuranium and soil.
All this is: Water. A fluid vibrating in its original state, in complete freedom and nature. As in a small stream, drops slowly join together to become sea, river, lake. It ripples, wails, fades and swirlingly breaks as long as the hand of the man deceives her. In aqueducts it is channeled. Instinct has stepped on the rationale. Dropping Sounds is not just this. In the center, in a space that recreates the aquatic world, a performer and a sound designer live in the scene reviving the whole water path through
bodily movements and live electronics. Let go of the flow of water for a sensory path to three hundred and sixty degrees.

Francesca Cecconi, a graduate in theater, is dramatist and organizer. Specializing in Cultural Design (Art Hub-Carrara) and in Event Planning-BTO, with Francesca Chiocci (IED). He joined Luca Lazzareschi for the promotion of the Versiliana Upgrade Festival (2015) and directed the press office of Diffrazioni Festival (Florence, 2016), collaborating with the Cherubini Conservatory as Social Media Expert. Giovanni Corsini, director and actor. Specializing in biomechanics and Costa method, he studied architecture, deepening urban sociology. He has worked with several directors including Giancarlo Cauteruccio (Krypton) and Roger Bernat (FFF), on the theme of the community, designing participative scenic devices; and with La Fura Dels Baus (Barcelona) on the language they were.

of and with Sa.Ni.

Suns, free and fragmented, we create paper bonds, invent our societies and we are still drawn. The fetus leaves its mother, subscribes to the rules of language, and without permission being made it becomes part of the company that baptizes it. All-one is born from the reflection on the paradoxical adherence between being and society, their twisted attraction and repulsion and the emotional reactions that arise from the understanding of being tied and interchangeable. We face the individual's theme, focusing on the imperceptible correspondence that drives the soul to devote himself to his likes and reject them at the same time. The main attempt at work is the analysis of constriction in its negative and positive sense. Two bodies indissolubly bound in a constant motion. The ambiguity of constraint is thus developed and perceived, both as the creation of a single primordial substance, and as an impediment to motion and individual expression. A compromise that in our paradox avoids stasis and evokes generation, movement, the other, the whole, the one.

Sa.Ni. is an artistic collective project born in August 2016 by collaboration
of dancers Sara Sguotti and Nicola Simone Cisternino.
TUTT-UNO is the first work of the collective. It was born thanks to the help of CANGO_compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Livorno Arts Atelier, Frida Theater and the Philharmonic Theater of Piove di Sacco, MarosiStromboli Festival which through the residences hosted the collective for the creation. The construction work has presented her first studio at the Skyscraper Theater in Livorno 2017, at the Marosi Stromboli 2017 Festival and at the Kilowatt Festival 2017. There are other moments of residence to develop the work, the next ones at the Livorno Arts and Garage Nardini di Bassano del Grappa. The collective played and carried out the sharing of their research through open labs for dancers and amateurs in various Italian and foreign centers.

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