The Drago di Romagna | January 31 Tuscan preview

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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Friday 31 January 21:15 - Sunday 2 February 17:45


Friday 31 January at 9.15 pm, in the presence of the director and the cast, the Tuscan preview presentation of the film Il Drago di Romagna, by Gerardo Lamattina.

For the occasion, from 6.00 pm, the protagonists of the film will teach the audience to play Mah Jong.

Screening times
Friday 31 January at 9.15 pm
Saturday 1 February at 18.30
Sunday 2 February at 16.30

full € 7
reduced € 5
pre-sales at the cinema counter at the times of the other screenings


The Dragon of Romagna
(Italy-China, 2020; 71 '; with Chinese subtitles) by Gerardo Lamattina

The film tells how one of the oldest Chinese board games in the world, mah jong, crept into Italy to become one of the most played in bars and city clubs in Emilia Romagna. Born in China in the nineteenth century, mah jong spread to our country about 100 years ago, precisely in 1923, thanks to some Chinese merchants who landed on the Italian banks for commercial traffic. Settled in the various port cities, the street vendors spent their time playing with the mah jong cards.

Almost 100 years after the entry of the Mah Jong in Italy, one of the oldest games in the world returns to be talked about in Il Drago di Romagna, the docu film by Gerardo Lamattina which tells a unique example of cultural hybridization between China and Italy , especially in Ravenna.

The result of an Italian-Chinese co-production between POPCult (Italy) and Micromedia Communication Italy (China), with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Ravenna, the film will be presented in Prato on the occasion of the Chinese New Year 2020.

Born from an idea of the director Lamattina, Il Drago di Romagna traces through the history of Luisa, a classic "azdora" (lady) from Romagna who is passionate about Mah Jong and cooking, the singular diffusion of this typical Chinese game in Italy and in particular in Ravenna, alternating parts of fiction with those of documentaries.

Luisa, played by the sparkling Dilva Ragazzini, has a dream in her drawer, to fly to China to get to know the origins of Mah Jong, the game for which everyone in Romagna has a real passion. In disagreement with his daughter Donatella - impersonated by the singer and perfomer Fabiola Ricci also narrative voice of the film - among a thousand adventures full of irony, emotions and conflicts, he will try to achieve it with the complicity of his nephew and his new Italian-Chinese friends.

It is no coincidence that the work was entirely shot in Ravenna, the former Byzantine capital where Mah Jong, present since the beginning of the 1900s, has had greater popularity than in the rest of Italy, thanks also to some local producers such as Valvassori, known international brand, involved in the film for the documentary component, as well as the Chinese community of Ravenna with which the protagonist will interact to discover the legends and secrets of the game.

Food for thought and observation on the various aspects of cultural integration and hybridization through the playful expedient, Il Drago di Romagna is also characterized by a new production path, perhaps unique in its kind, which aims to export Italian cinema to the market Chinese cinema through a real cultural and entrepreneurial bridge between Italians and Chinese.

The film, in fact, is co-produced by POPCult, a Bologna-based production company also based in Milan, specialized in creative documentaries and TV series, and Micromedia Communication Italy, a young reality based in Milan that in a few years has earned the first place Chinese media company in Italy thanks to the creation of the Weishi Italy platform dedicated to the Chinese in Italy.

The first Italian film to be released in theaters with Chinese subtitles, Il Drago di Romagna, will also arrive in China thanks to the collaboration with Micromedia Communication Italy.

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