Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity - At Eternity's Gate

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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Thursday 24 January 18:30 - Wednesday 30 January 18:00


(Gbr-Fra-Usa, 2018; 110 '; vers.orig.sott and by Julian Schnabel, with Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Oscar Isaac, Mads Mikkelsen

Thursday 24 January at 6.30 pm - vers.orig.sott
Friday, January 25 at 9.15 pm -
Saturday 26 January at 11.00 am - and 9.15 pm - vers.orig.sott
Sunday January 27th at 4.15pm - vers.orig.sott and 18.30 -
Wednesday, January 30th at 4.15pm -

Full 6 euros
Reduced € 4.50

The last, tormented years of Vincent Van Gogh. From the stormy relationship with Gauguin in 1988 to the gunshot that took his life when he was only 37 years old. A frenetic and very productive period that has led to the creation of masterpieces that have made the history of art and which continue to enchant the entire world.

Volpi Cup at Willem Dafoe for the best male performance at the Venice Festival 2018.

"Van Gogh has his canvases and tripods on his shoulders like a backpack, walking briskly across the fields of wheat, and the spectator in those obsessional close-ups walks with him, blinded by the sun of Provence that penetrates the screen. spread his arms like Christ on the cross, while the wind whips the yellow wheat, and think that Willem Dafoe (he is to give him life) had brought Jesus' passion to the cinema, taking a break from his role as executioner. with his face worked by time, his forehead furrowed by wrinkles.The American actor is 63 years old, Van Gogh 37 when he died, and yet the age difference, under the straw hat that he wore as a uniform, is not noticed. Welcomed by a huge applause, At Eternity's Gate is a journey into the mind of Vincent Van Gogh: it is the personal portrait of Julian Schnabel (he wrote it with Carrière) that is not only a director but a painter, the tribute of an artist to another artist." (Valerio Cappelli, 'Corriere della Sera', 4 September 2018)

"I think I said all that could be said about painting in this film, I've been a painter since I was little and I know a lot about Van Gogh but all this, including information and studies on letters and diaries, was just a point of departure What I really wanted to show was the lack of thought that Van Gogh used to say while he was painting, for him it was a form of meditation, I tried to put on a sensorial approach, the equivalent of sensations you can have when you see a work of art. (...) If we look at his paintings and read his letters it is clear that he was lucid and knew exactly where he was, but he realized that he would not go so far in life and because of this he was very interested in painting the reference to his relationship with eternity ". (Julian Schnabel)

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