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Address: Via di San Salvi, 12, Florence

Date: Thursday 12 July 21:30


La Chute cultural association
Florentine summer
Chille de la Balanza

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Massimo Bubola in concert

entrance seats: 12 euros

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A great return to Florence!

Massimo Bubola is one of the most important Italian authors of all time.

This is confirmed by the 30 albums produced in his career, the 20 songs written with / for Fabrizio De Andrè (from Andrea to Hotel Supramonte, from Sand Creek to Don Raffaè) and all the other hits such as Il Cielo d'Irlanda and Kowalski


Massimo Bubola, singer-songwriter of cult and among the most significant of Italy, is a central figure in the music scene of our country. In over thirty years of his career, he has composed twenty albums and written more than 300 songs.

Already at the end of the '70s Bubola transfuses in his songs the power of the language of rock, without renouncing a poetic that is drunk, as well as contemporary poetry, the tradition of popular music and Italian songwriting. Mixing these elements, he comes to mature a musical formula full of literary suggestions that has been defined by critics as "author rock". It is no coincidence that the only folk-rock albums by Fabrizio De Andrè: "Rimini" and "L'Indiano" derive from the decisive creative contribution of Massimo Bubola to the Genoese singer-songwriter, with whom, in fact, he signs music and lyrics of all the tracks of the two albums mentioned above.

But the Veronese poet and musician continues to develop a personal journey that will lead him to the creation of a musical epic through his portraits in song of historical figures such as Garibaldi, Camicie Rosse and Uruguay, Tina for the great photographer Tina Modotti, Dino Campana dedicated to the unfortunate poet of Marradi and other characters as on the Russian writer Dostoevskij in Dostoevsky, Annie Hannahsu Anna Frank, Eurialo and Niso his two soldiers of the Aeneid transposed in the Resistance, River Sand Creek on the epic of the Native Americans, A misconception about death by Pier Paolo Paolini and Don Raffaè again with Fabrizio on the relationship between the State and Camorra, Son Passator Cortese on the legendary 800 Romagna brigand. This rock epoch, daughter of Italian traditions, forms the backbone of the New Italian Epic, of which Massimo can rightly be called the founder.

He also wrote many songs brought to success by various interpreters, including "The Sky of Ireland", popularized by Fiorella Mannoia.

In 2009 he published "Rhapsody of the Lowlands" his first novel which is like a long folk-rock ballad, written by a fifty-year-old rapsodo with the amplifier of his classicism and of his heresy gratitude.

At the top of the hearts, Massimo's latest work is characterized by emotional intensity. Beyond the poetry of the lyrics, the beauty of the melodies of his ballads and the sounds of prestigious vintage guitars, what is striking is this strong interpretation that makes Bubola a unique artist in our panorama.

The album In alto i cuori, which can be defined as a series of Instant Songs, is characterized by a strong moral and civil tension, in fact the album is inspired by episodes actually happened in our country in recent times.


1976-YELLOW TAPE -Producer Associati - Produced by R. Dané. Arranged by GPReberberi

1979-MARABEL - Philips - Produced by M. Bubola and A. Venditti

1981-TRE ROSE - Fado / Ricordi- Produced by Fabrizio De André

1982 - MASSIMO BUBOLA - ODD DAYS Fado / CGD - Produced by M. Bubola and W. David

1989-LIFE, DEATH AND MIRACLES - (Ricordi) Produced by C. Dentes.

1994 - DOUBLE LONG ADDIO - (Mercury / Polygram) Produced by P. Fabrizi

1996 - LOVE & WAR - Scream / Cgd Produced by M. Bubola

1997-MON TRESOR - Cgd- Produced by M. Bubola and M. Vignuzzi.

1999-DIAVOLI and BUTTERFLIES - Cgd-Produced by M. Bubola and S. Chivilò

2001 - THE ELECTRIC KNIGHT (vol. I & II) - Eccher Music (LIVE) Produced by M. Bubola and S. Chivilò

2002-IL CAVALIERE ELETTRICO (vol III) - Eccher Music (LIVE) Produced by M. Bubola

2002-NOTHING PASS INVANO - Concerts 1997/2002 - Eccher Music, ElleU, CNI

2004-TRANSPARENT SECRETS - Eccher Music / Self Distr. Prod. By M. Bubola

2004 - THE ELECTRIC KNIGHT (Vol. IV) - Eccher Music / Edel distr Prod. By M. Bubola

2005-THAT LONG TRAIN - Eccher Music / Edel distr.

Produced by M. Bubola, S. Chivilò and M. Gazich

2006-NEVE ON THE ORANGE - (Eight Poems, Three Music Letters, Two Songs and An Irish Tale) Eccher Music / Edel distr.Produced by M. Bubola

2008-BALLS OF EARTH & WATER - Eccher Music / Self distr. Prod. M. Bubola and S. Chivilò.

2009 - FROM THE OTHER PART OF THE WIND Eccher Music / Self distr. Prod. M. Bubola and S. Chivilò.

2010 CHUPADERO- BARNETTI BROS BAND Eccher Music / Universal distr.

(band formed by Massimo Bubola, Jono Manson, Massimiliano Larocca and AndreaParodi) - Produced by Jono Manson

2013- HIGH HEARTS - Eccher Music / Self distr. Prod. M. Bubola and S. Chivilò.

They said about him:

Paolo Carù - The Last Buscadero

Massimo Bubola is a talent to be preserved, media think about superfluous music. There is nobody in Italy who makes music at his level, nobody. Music and culture, Bubola leaves nothing to chance, goes straight to its purpose.

Gianni Mura - La Repubblica

For me, when one has put his hand in Fiume Sand Creek and Don Raffaé (on the bench The Sky of Ireland) is in good standing with the world.

Mario Luzzatto Fegiz - Il Corriere della sera

Massimo Bubola confirms his intense connections with Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and his pleasure in flying high literally

Alba Solaro - L'Unità

An Italian way to rock, today seems almost prehistoric to talk about ..... but it has not always been so, there was a time when there were very few to try, to chase Dylan and Lou Reed rather than the greats of songwriting nostrano.Massimo Bubola was one of these few, and time proved him right

Ugo Bacci - Rockerilla

There is no Italian singer-songwriter who shapes rock matter better than Bubola. Massimo Bubola is a noble singer-songwriter. On his way he marked the history of Italian songwriting "

Massimo Cotto - Journalist and writer

If the purpose of each artist is, as Faulkner said, to stop the movement that is life, by artificial means, and keep it still, but in such a way that a hundred years later, when a stranger will look at it, it will move again because it is life, then Massimo Bubola is a true artist.

Ermanno Labianca - Rolling Stone

Those of Bubola are the best ballads that every lover of American music, born from this part of the ocean can afford.

Federico Guglielmi - The Wild Pile

Massimo is a prominent figure of the noblest Italian author song, of which he is an innovator and an example.

They sang and sing his songs:

Fabrizio De Andrè, Fiorella Mannoia, Luciano Ligabue, Terry Allen, LucioDalla, Roberto Vecchioni, Milva, Mia Martini, Roberto Murolo, Massimo Ranieri, Cristiano De Andrè, Loredana Bertè, Dori Ghezzi, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Mauro Pagani, Allan Taylor, Tosca , Syria, Tinkara Kovac, Shel Shapiro, Michael's Grace, Gang.

They wrote about the book:

Bruno Quaranta - Tuttolibri, La Stampa

... So here is Massimo Bubola in the "low lands" like a Pied Piper, ada a caravan of souls balzane, fruits of a tree that from the lunatics of Cavazzoni to Meneghello of Libera nos a malo, to the Rustices of Ruzante (Bubola is originally from Veronese) sinks the wheels over the centuries.

It is "a culture of stored things" that pulsates. An alphabet kept under the ashes ...

Ranieri Polese - Corriere della Sera

The Bassa Veronese of Bubola. Like a ballad in which dreams and reality intertwine, Rhapsody of the lowlands tells us the stories of a village in the lower Verona area, populated by dark memories and strange visions. And 'the debut as a narrator of Massimo Bubola author of texts among the best of Italian song that now transcribes on the pages of prose and verses the lands and waters already sung in his albums. And once again, thanks to the words of Bubola, angels and butterflies, gypsies, vagabonds, unhappy brides and honest travelers return to live under the low sky of the plain.

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