Two Under The Burqa - Sou Abadi

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Address: Cinema MIGNON D'ESSAI Via Baccio Sinibaldi, 33/35

Date: Friday 29 December 21:30



Friday, 29/12/2017 - 9.30 pm
Saturday, 12/30/27/2017 - 8.30pm & 10.30pm
Sunday, 31/12/2017 - 9.00pm & 11.00pm
Monday, 01/01/2018 - 9.00pm
Tuesday, 02/01/2018 - 9.30 pm

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 88 minutes
Directed by: Sou Abadi
Actors: Félix Moati, Camélia Jordana, William Lebghil
Country: France
Year: 2017

What would you not do for love? Armand and Leila are planning to fly together in New York, but a few days before departure, Mahmoud, brother of Leila, makes his return from a long stay in Yemen, an experience that has changed ... radically: to his eyes, now, the sister's modern lifestyle offends the Prophet. The only solution is to confine her at home and prevent any contact with her boyfriend. But Armand is not there and just to free the beloved devises a crazy plan: wear a niqab and pretend to be a woman. His name of art? Scheherazade. What Armand does not expect is that his performance can be too convincing, to the point of attracting the loving attention of the same Mahmoud ...

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