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Address: Viale Don Minzoni 25/G , Florence

Date: Saturday 06 April 2019


Main events on Saturday 6 April:

MASTER CLASS by the master of Iranian cinema ASGHAR FARHADI
at the La Compagnia Cinema at 11

ANISSA HELOU proposes a COOKING DEMONSTRATION on bread in the Islamic world
from 10.30 am at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts

Among the films scheduled, ample space is given to women and their role in Middle Eastern societies,
between oppression, violence but also the first experiences of emancipation:

at 16.30 A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME by Sarah Mosawi-Mani
on a young Afghan girl who finds the courage to denounce the violence suffered in the family

at 8.45 pm AMRA AND THE SECOND MARRIAGE by Mahmoud Sabbagh
on a woman struggling with her husband's second marriage

A selection of titles from Iran at the Cinema Stensen

Last two days for the tenth edition of MIDDLE EAST NOW, which has already met with great success and which for Saturday 6 April offers a broader insight into cinema, current affairs and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The director ASGHAR FARHADI will reveal to the public the secrets of his cinema, appreciated all over the world and awarded with two Oscars, a Golden Globe, a David di Donatello, a Golden Bear and numerous other international awards, with a MASTER CLASS from 11 am at the Cinema La Compagnia , together with one of its reference actors Babak Karimi and in conversation with Marco Luceri, journalist and film critic.

The chef and kitchen expert ANISSA HELOU will be the protagonist of a special cooking demonstration, entitled " The bread ... khobz, ekmek, naan, non, nan, roti", dedicated to the different ways of making bread in the Islamic world from 10.30 to 13.00 at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Art School. The bread prepared only with flour and water, the fine and the swollen and layered bread, the soft or crunchy one, the decorated, round or elongated one, the stuffed bread, the bread desserts, the recipes with stale bread. From Somalia, passing through Zanzibar and then in Iran, up to Pakistan, there are more than 40 different types of bread told in Anissa Helou's latest book “ Feast. The Food of the Islamic Word "and each one brings with it his own personality made up of different origins, peculiar ingredients, various shapes, different leavening, cooking in clay ovens, stones or bricks, and a unique story.
Limited seats, for information and registration : info@middleastnow.it ,
phone: 348.3821858 or 333.7840736

At the Cinema La Compagnia a rich program of titles that tell the story of women, grappling with the restrictive and complex rules that mark their lives in Middle Eastern countries:
at 3pm the Italian preview of Freedom Fields (2018) by Naziha Arebi , su a group of women in Libya sharing the dream of playing football for their national team, challenged by the outbreak of the civil war; at 4.30pm preview in the presence of director Sarah Mosawi-Mani of A Thousand Girls Like Me (2018), a documentary on the strength of an Afghan woman in denouncing sexual abuse suffered by her father, going against the will of her family; 6pm from Iran the documentary Work in Progress Radiography of a Family (2019) by Firouzeh Khosrovani, the pre- and post-revolutionary story of the daughter of a lay father and a religious mother, whose festival audience will be able to see a selection of scenes in absolute preview; at 6.30pm the world premiere of Heads and Tails (2019) by Aylin Kuryel and Firat Yucel, documentary on the surprising trade of hair between Turkey and Israel and on how Orthodox Jewish women cover their heads with wigs of hair that once belonged to women in Anatolia; at 8.45 pm the black comedy Amra and the Second Marriage (2018) by Mahmoud Sabbagh, director of the Oscar-nominated film 'Barakah Meets Barakah' (2017), which returns to Florence with the story of Amra, a middle-aged Saudi woman struggling with the second marriage of his elderly husband; 10.30 pm Look at Me (2018) by Nejib Belkhadhi, about a forty-year-old Tunisian immigrant living in the suburbs of Marseille forced to return home to ask for custody of Amr, the nine-year-old autistic son he has not seen for some time.

Persian cinema plays the leading role at Cinema Stensen : at 4 pm Asghar Farhadi presents his The Past (2013), a story by Ahmad who arrives in Paris from Tehran to complete the divorce formalities with Marie, where he discovers the conflictual relationship she has with her daughter and the secrets of a past unknown to him; 6.30 pm Hendi & Hormonz (2018) by Abbas Amini on a very young couple who barely know each other; at 21.30 Bomb, A Love Story (2018) by Payman Maadi, set in Tehran in 1988 at the height of the war, under bombing, where love, affection, hope and life itself manage to wipe out the fear of death from those who are surrounded by it.

At 8 pm the aperitif - conversation with Alberto Zanconato on his latest book “Khomeini. The revolutionary of God (Castelvecchi Editore 2018), the first Italian biography of a complex and charismatic figure, the Ayatolla Ruhollah Khomeni, author of the last great revolution of the twentieth century,

For the meetings THE POINT OF 7:30 pm - " The girls of via Rivoluzione - From Pakistan to Egypt, an adventure in women's freedom" presentation of the book "The Girls of via Rivoluzione" (Solferino Libri, 2019) by the journalist of the Corriere della Sera Viviana Mazza, who continues to voice the tormented stories of women in the Islamic world. A great reportage that brings us face to face with the protagonists, on the open fronts of the clash between obscurantism and modernity, to the discovery of a often misunderstood and invisible female revolution, which reaps its victims in silence but which is crucial for the future of all of us.

Afterwards, at 8pm, the FEAST aperitif : BEYOND THE BORDERS OF TASTE with the recipes taken from the book “Feast. The Food of the Islamic Word "by Anissa Helou.

At the La Compagnia Cinema, still visible: the installation-show " FLAVORS OF IRAQ" dedicated to the series of short films written by the Iraqi reporter Feurat Alani and animated by the designer Leonard Cohen, to discover Iraq through the 5 senses and personal experience of Alani;
the exhibition / pop up shop - with an exhibition designed by the group of architects of the Archivio Personale - with objects from the ISHKAR charity project for the artisans of the war countries.

Also, in Le Murate. Projects Contemporary Art until 4 May 2019 the exhibition Mohammad Alfaraj: " THE GLASS BETWEEN US " dedicated to the young Saudi artist, protagonist of the fifth edition of the "Middle East Now x Crossway Foundation Residency " artist residence that explores the concept of barrier between appearance and reality: an invitation to look at the world around us with the eyes of a child, with the wonder and amazement of those who observe things for the first time.
While until 31 May at the FSM Gallery - Fondazione Studio Marangoni you can admire the exhibition " UNTIL WE RETURN " by the photographer Dalia Khamissy that portrays the many Syrian refugees in Lebanon .

MIDDLE EAST NOW 10th edition
2-7 April 2019
Florence, La Compagnia Cinema, Stensen and other places
schedule, timetables and tickets on www.middleastnow.it


Other events on Saturday 06 April :

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