Open space restaurant at Circolo ARCI Dino Manetti

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Address: Via Baracca 2/A , Florence

Date: Saturday 07 November 2020


The summer of the Restaurant of Circolo ARCI Dino Manetti continues non-stop FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF AUGUST thanks to the constancy of our relentless volunteers!

Our traditional dishes from Campi Bisenzio, the coolness of the wide open spaces of our restaurant and the beautiful company of our volunteers: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 PM onwards! Sheep always available! (that's our motto..)
Nota Bene: reservation is required at 055 899989802

In line with regional and national hygiene rules and measures.
Service offered by Quartotempo Firenze ASD with the valuable support of its volunteers and volunteers, Circolo ARCI Dino Manetti, Lo Gnocco and Tandem Italia.

Volantino ristorante

Ristorante all'aperto





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