15th edition of Girone Jazz

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Address: via Aretina 24 , Florence

Date: Tuesday 28 May 2019


From Tuesday 7th to Tuesday 28th May at the Circolo Arci Il Girone in Florence, curated by

New Musical Events, The Pool and Music Pool Events

The "Stevland" quintet opens

the 15th Jazz Group

The quintet, formed by Claudia Tellini on vocals, Emanuele Parrini on electrified violin, Riccardo Galardini on guitars, Nicola Vernuccio on double bass and Walter Paoli on drums and electronic effects will perform on stage with a repertoire of Stevie Wonder productions

The program also includes: a tribute to Charlie Haden with Alessandro Galati (14/05) the swing of the Osmanngold Swing Orchestra (21/05) and a concert dedicated to the saxophonist Massimo Urbani (28/05)

Florence, 3 May 2019 - Will be the " Stevland ", quintet formed by Claudia Tellini on vocals, Emanuele Parrini on electrified violin, Riccardo Galardini on guitars, Nicola Vernuccio on double bass and Walter Paoli on drums and electronic effects, with a repertoire dedicated to Stevie Wonder, to inaugurate the 15 / but edition of Girone Jazz , Tuesday 7 May at 21.30 at the Circolo Arci Il Girone (via Aretina 24). The Girone Jazz festival, curated by New Musical Events , Il Girone and Music Pool Events , will propose, until May 28th , four events to explore all the nuances of jazz, in the company of the stars of the Italian jazz scene.

The main theme of this year's edition is the community : “At the base of knowledge is culture. At the base of culture there must be a community, even a hope of future relationships between people who experience similar and renewed emotions. We could say that jazz, the whole music seems to be almost the synthesis of this hopeful chaos, which gives meaning to being together. This edition is dedicated to artists, to those who study, to those who design long things and thoughts ”- says the artistic director Augusto Benvenuti.

"The Girone Jazz Festival is an operation of resistance" - adds Mario Setti, President of New Musical Events. Not a passive or "nervous" resistance, but based on three factors: Knowledge, Formation, a Community. Knowledge is what springs from culture: too often the places (theaters, festivals, entire cities) are confused with what happens in it that is immaterial and not recordable. Here, the Girone Jazz is a place of the spirit, in which a shared knowledge is formed. And in these 15 years we have also all trained there: a desire to know, to feel, to listen has grown. And only through the will is expressed the best of an audience and an artist. Not a "classical" formation, better perhaps to say a democratic deformation. Finally, the word chosen precisely for this edition, the community: a group of people who meet, listen at a distance, know and recognize. This overwhelming event is what scares us the most: the "powerful", who unfortunately lives in the fears and bubbles of our times ".

The Stevlands will be offering an energetic concert based on Stevie Wonder's repertoire. The quintet, which has worked for about four years on a handful of songs by the first American artist, focusing on tracks with socio-political content, still current today, has then reworked and rethought the whole with a specifically jazzy mentality, so yes they listen to free spaces, swing, improvisation, a new composition that is inserted as part of a medley. The group has never stopped, has always continued to modify the compositions, renewing them, changing them with new ideas. The contents of the Wonderian repertoire are still worth being proposed to the public of yesterday and today, as they are profoundly significant and unfortunately hardly comparable to contemporary pop. The project was released on CD and vinyl between 2013 and 2014.

The Girone Jazz will continue Tuesday, May 14 with the piano of Alessandro Galati , who together with the voice of Stefania Scarinzi, the clarinets of Nico Gori, the double bass by Ares Tavolazzi and the drum of Walter Paoli will give voice to " For Haden's Sake ", a project born to pay homage to Charlie Haden, one of the most important musicians of the history of Jazz. In this work, which will soon be recorded on a disc, the will is to synthesize and reinterpret all these components by adding original texts on Haden's songs, emphasizing his immortal melodies (single entry € 12, reduced € 10 Arci members, young people up to 25 years).

The protagonists of the appointment on Tuesday 21 May will be the Osmanngold Swing Orchestra , a group formed by the nine musicians with different backgrounds and professional backgrounds: Marco Nesi on trumpet in sib, Stefano Pratesi on trumpet in mib, Luciano Fiorello on soprano flicorno, David Micheloni on clarinet , Giacomo Petrucci to the saxophones-arrangements, Fausto Davide Antonini to the trombone, Andrea Rinaldi to the piano-and arrangements, Michele Staino to the bass and Marcello Nesi to the drums and arrangements). From Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller, from Benny Goodman to Louis Armstrong, the group seeks to obtain the great sound electricity of traditional swing orchestras through the use of maximum harmonic significance in orchestral writing coupled with the choice and construction of particular brass instruments ( free and free admission).

The festival will close on May 28 with an evening dedicated to the saxophonist Massimo Urbani entitled "Dedication to Max" in a concert that it not only celebrates the memory of Urbani but tries to bring to life the taste of discovery for risk. "The avant-garde is in the feelings," said Urbani. The drummer Alessandro Fabbri, Pietro Tonolo, indefatigable improviser and one of the purest voices of European jazz, Simone Santini and Guido Zorn, established musicians whose professionalism is not second to their curiosity, will try to make this statement always current, as Massimo would have wanted (single entrance € 12, reduced € 10 Arci members, young people up to 25 years).

Info and presales : www.nuovieventimusicali.it - eventimusicpool.it - info@nuovieventimusicali.it

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Prices : single entry € 12 full, € 10 reduced for Arci members, young people up to 25 years for the dates of 7, 14 and 28 May. Free admission on May 21st.



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