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Name: Cirkoloco

Address: via D'Annunzio 182 , Florence

Tel: 055611484



It was officially opened on Saturday 2 April, the new management of the Circolo Arci "Faliero Pucci" Ponte a shelf (Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 182, Florence), with a staff of respect: it is in fact a group of people with mental health problems to send forward the café activities and the local bar; an innovative project strongly backed by the Association of social promotion Bottega del Tempo, supported by Arci "Faliero Pucci" and Arci Florence Territorial Committee as well as by the Company of the Health of Florence.

The experiment has character and determination to sell: a generous staff and volunteer team supports the staff in the preparation and serving of meals; dinners and events are promoted for charity to raise public awareness and inclusion approach and are organized weekly aperitifs with km0 food, given the presence of large kitchen spaces inside the circle and willing collaborators in the preparation and all 'construction.

The idea that sustains the Cirkoloco, in fact, is that of a large "tent" of tolerance and openness that just like in a circus metaphor choice for anything randomly, home to the precious and rare deviations of our society: the objective, the Restivo words of Alessandro and Francesco Carletti, pins Association:

"Is to make people often left on the margins autonomous and independent, give them the opportunity to actively integrate into the social fabric through vivid experiences, human, contact and dialogue. Cirkoloco is why structured such that all are equal without hierarchy, so that everyone can find their own personal space and make this self-employment experience also reflects, on a therapeutic level, in taking care of themselves. Because self-confidence is built through the confidence that others have in us. "

Cirkoloco is not a sheltered workshop of the Department of Mental Health, as every Arci it is open to all members. Represent an ideal place of interchange between parallel realities, it will serve to overcome the prejudices of what is commonly considered healthy and what is not, will strive to promulgate toto cultural events and involve multiple parties so that the comparison remains the dynamics of most significant growth.

La Bottega del Tempo so keen to earnestly thank all those who have contributed to the realization of the project and numerous invites you to take part in the trip "carovanesco" and uplifting that awaits them.

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