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Address: via Leto Casini, 11 c/o ex-Fila, Florence

Date: Thursday 8 August 19:30 - 23:50


"I really like the Lato B" is the fun title of the musical extravaganza of our Alessio Vitali, usually sound engineer and friend of Cirkoloco, but also musician on his own and for "third parties" who, on the occasion of the final evening before our summer break , will present us in a "One man band" format a fascinating journey through well-known and lesser-known pieces of yesterday's and today's extremely diverse Rock artists, with an eye for some "hidden pearls", a selection of songs that usually almost nobody makes you listen, and for this reason unusual and intriguing. A friendly invitation to abandon for a couple of hours the usual beaten paths to the rediscovery of so much great music, in spite of the "mandatory" hits !!

Alessio Vitali starts singing at a very young age and has been a professional bass player since 1984.
In that year, in fact, he collaborated with the Bolognese rock band Danger Zone, led by Roberto Priori (883, Eugenio Finardi), participating in the recording of the song "Dragon's Liar" included in the EP "Victim of time" (1984).
In addition, as session man, he performs some shifts at the Fonoprint recording studio for the Spin Out group, produced by Luca Bignardi (1986) and, again in Bologna, performs intense concert activity with various groups including Intensive Care together with Michele Vanni (Luca Carboni band), Paolo Baldassarri and Massimo dall'Omo, currently a highly appreciated jazz drummer, with whom
will participate in the contest "Viva le giovani '86", broadcast by RAI 3.
He collaborated with the Iricanti group until 1988, creating with them the official signature of the "Insieme" International Folklore Festival in Licata.
In 1989 he obtained the certificate of Theory and Solfeggio at the
Liceo Musicale “V. Bellini ”of Caltanissetta. From 1990 to 1993 he held the electric bass course at the "A.Gi.Mus." School in Licata, directed by Mo Lorenzo Alario.
In 1994 he participated in the recordings of the "Cambiare" album by the reggae group Jahmento by Open as a guitarist and bassist along with Chicco Allotta, Vito Morello, Gianpiero Risico and Roberto Gervasi, who also took care of the production.
The album is distributed by Good Stuff.
In 1995 he participated as a bass player in the recording of the song "Tribe" in Maurizio Maniglia's "Inside Colors" album together with
Roberto Gualdi (PFM, E. Jannacci) and Massimo Colombo (Line C, Solo Artist), registered at the Settenote Studio at the CPM in Milan.
From 1996 to 1998 he worked with the duo Aliah & Lassaad together with the Tunisian and fraternal friend Lassaad Fezzani, offering an original mix of musical styles only apparently
distant from each other like rock and Mediterranean music, which will result
much appreciated by the public and will allow the duo to reach the average of 200 evenings per year.
From 1998 he alternated his activity as a musician with a phonic, initially at the Cuco Recording Studio in Trapani, where he produced several projects including the CD "Eleven" from his own band Heaven & Hell, the song "Goccia of crystal "for the dub group Mistura, the song" Garzoni "for the Bottega dei Garzoni included in the hip-hop compilation" Teste di Vinile "also distributed by Good Stuff, the rock band Vinodivino for which he also made the basses , the hip-hop group Metaphisiklan and the rock band Clan Zero.

Moving to Florence in 2001, he continued his musical activity together with that of freelance sound engineer, collaborating with various audio Services, public venues and independent productions. He has collaborated with Young Lust, Aerosmith cover band, D&D Band, UBT (ex Alcool), Hypnodance, with whom he recorded the song "If Someone Will Tell Me", included in the album "Plucked from the Vine" (2003) and the Charamira group. As a guitarist of the latter he participated in two important Rai live shows:
the May Day concert in Piazza S. Giovanni in Rome 2003 e
participation in the "Viva Radio 2" radio program,
conducted by Fiorello and Marco Baldini where the group performed in an unplugged version.

Still under the aegis of Marco Baldini, the Charamiras participated as house band in the recordings of the "Non chiamatelo Circo" show broadcast on Rai 3 in September 2003.

In 2004 he recorded the recording and mixing of the EP of the Trinacria Losca entitled "... the condemnation".

On the occasion of and following the production of the album "Little Hard Blues" (Tentacles Records 2007) by Ranfa, some important collaborations took place with Italian artists of undisputed value as Toti Denaro (top session drummer), Claudio Cinquegrana (2003 Glenn Hughes italian tour band , UT New Trolls), Ricky Portera (Stadium) and Roberto Tiranti (New Trolls, Labyrinth, Solo Artist), Andrea Braido (Vasco Rossi), as bassist for the two tribute projects "Andrea Braido plays Ritchie Blackmore" and "Andrea Braido plays Jimi Hendrix ", and international guests such as Bernie Marsden (UFO, Wild Turkey, Cozy Powell's Hammer, Babe Ruth, Whitesnake, Company of Snakes), Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), Don Airey (Colosseum II, Rainbow, Deep Purple), James Christian (House of Lords), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and the great Ian Paice (Deep Purple, PAL, Whitesnake, Gary Moore Band), for whom he expressly composed the song “Forget my boogie ”Present n ell'Album.

He currently performs with his own power trio "The Outsiders" in the company of Fabrizio Pieraccini and Leandro Bartorelli, with the group "Nursery Cryme", Genesis tribute band and collaborates with Led Kajal and blues guitarist Sergio Montaleni in various projects including Marley tribute band "Natural Mystic" and continues its collaboration with the Ranfa Band, currently engaged in the creation of the next album.

Massimo Lui will open the concert


From 19.30 Apericena to follow Music !!!

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