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Address: Combo Firenze Via Mannelli, 2

Date: Tuesday 24 April 23:00 - 03:00


Friends and Friends,
this April 24 (wild pre-holiday) in the space of the Combo in via Mannelli in Florence there will be a very special evening Shimmia.
In fact, this first quarter of 2018 is lucky enough to host the first ten years of Monkey Boys (of this galaxy) and that's what we will celebrate this evening.
I guarantee you that it is not easy to announce this party.
Usually to make the description for an event or write a post, just let go but this ride is a bit 'more difficult ...
We celebrate 10 years of musical and artistic activity but above all human.
10 is a nice round figure and deserves to be marked, remarked and even tattooed.
Regarding these last 10 years of Ragazzi Ragazzi I could write a saga, an epic, an endless tv series, an encyclopedia, and create a language.
But, alas, I'm lazy, and I prefer to communicate everything by osmosis COMBO during this magical night Shimmia.
On stage we will have an avalanche of guests ...
We will try to bring together all the souls who have been ape in these 10 years:
the musicians first of all ...
the unprejudiced and historical patrons who follow us even today ...
the most mythological friends and protagonists of the historical Notti Scimmia of the origins ...
the adventurous managers who believed in us and made us play and love in their clubs ...
evvìa evvìa ...
Florence is the great protagonist of this festival and it is in this marvelous city that we dedicate our first decade.
We do not add anything else. at the moment.
With love,
the RS

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