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Address: Via Mannelli, 2, Florence

Date: Wednesday 17 April 21:30 - 23:59


Chiara Avanzo and Mauro Kelevra will take turns on the stage of the Combo social club of Florence, for an evening of pure stand-up comedy.

Mauro Kelevra

Mauro Kelevra was born in Rome in 1978 from a dragon egg. In reality the surname would be Guttello, but the accountant told him that it is always worthwhile to have a Jewish nuance in life. The choice was easy between the surname and the pea fading.
He starts with the theater from the earliest age, with Pierino and the wolf, in elementary school. Even being spherical, he could not make a somersault, triggering the derision of anyone, even the one-eyed janitor. He then understood that to humiliate himself to make people laugh was the right path to follow.
In 1999 he began the theater workshop of the company Ripa Grande, studying and applying the stanislavskij method. Ranging from dramaturgy to comedy.
In 2002, with the entry of the euro, he saw his already meager capital halved, then he founded the company "Anachronisms" together with Gabriele Zedde, taking care of (together with the latter) the texts and the direction. The shows range from the brilliant comedy to the grotesque.
In 2012 he discovers that also in Italy he becomes stand-up.
In January 2015 he enrolled in an open mic but did not go because he was under.
At the end of 2015 he re-enrolled in an open mic, underneath but still going there. From that moment he takes a taste for it, but he realizes that Rome does not offer enough space to dedicate to the stand-up; so, again in 2015, together with Vincenzo Comunale he founded the Minollo Comedy, but that is from Naples and has a temporary embargo, so the project is frozen.
In 2016 he falls in love with Daniele Fabbri trying to become his girlfriend, that doesn't fit, but he does, however, open a couple of shows. He collaborates with him in managing the "Stand-up comedy garage", a laboratory in which comedians can try and refine their pieces. Every Tuesday at Altro when the old government.
He performs in various clubs in Rome.
From April 2017, thanks to its unquestionable bravu ... face like ass, it is one of the comedians that opens the shows, around Italy, of the divine emperor of the Italian stand-up, Giorgio Montanini and begins to face the "great audience".
He will die at the height of celebrity, at the age of 107, in the square of a remote village in Molise, while he performs alongside Gerry Calà to the cry of LIBIDINE! DOUBLE BOOKS!

Chiara Avanzo

Chiara Avanzo is an emerging stand-up comedian from Biella (Piedmont) who has been on stage for two and a half years. Very sure of herself on stage, she has already conquered the audiences of the north making her bones in the open mic in Milan and opening Giorgio Montanini's shows for a year. Chiara is nice and natural comedian and does not give particular airs like several of her colleagues. He has a strange fear of planes and helicopters but when it is time for his show he is not afraid to say how he feels. The women in the Italian stand-up are few and she is the only really incisive. For men the process of getting naked can be slightly easier than for women, more tied to the strings that society has imposed on them. He has two monologues to his credit, Senza Rancore and Legitima Difesa.
For each piece of monologue he applauds those present until he finishes his beer sip. It is clear that she was formed in the "Montanini school" because she does not allow the people interviewed during her speeches to take over and at the end of the show she specifies that the details about her private life are real and, even completely, her own, asks if there are questions. Girls and women are perhaps the most impressed by the subjects she still treats as taboo for the Italian medium: masturbation, porn, sex, lack of maternal instinct, being independent and being blamed for this, especially by the female gender. Some chuckle recognizing each other, others have a puzzled look, others still fall silent.

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