Finister + Howie B - 'Please, Take Your Time' party

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Address: Via Mannelli, 2, Florence

Date: Thursday 18 October 21:45 - 02:00


Back "The Other Thursday" at the Combo Firenze with Progeas Family and we are pleased to announce the release party of Finister, to present the new album "Please, Take Your Time" (Red Cat / Audioglobe) coming out in October!
On the stage, after them, the legend Howie B: one of the most famous producers in the world, father of the triphop, has worked with artists such as U2, Björk, Elisa, Tricky, Marlene Kuntz.

ENTRANCE: € 5 with shot included

/////////////// FINISTER ///////////////

The band's first album, "Suburbs Of Mind", came out in 2015 for Red Cat / Audioglobe and was received as one of the best debuts of the year. is followed by a 2-year tour in Italy, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Serbia. The band shares the stage with artists such as The Prodigy, Official Motörhead, The Kooks, Psalms, Irene Grandi.
In 2017 the Finister begin to work on their second album, 'Please, take your time.' written and recorded between England, France and Italy; out in October, which sees the collaboration with Howie B (already producer triphop of international stars such as U2, Bjork, Tricky) and with the king Mida of the Florentine underground S.Cangi and T.Giuliani. The second work of the band is born between the most frenetic metropolitan life and the closure in one's mental universe. Sound research, this time rational and nervous, open to all musical paths, meets an intimate and more minimalist writing than in the past.

/////////////// HOWIE B ///////////////
Howie B, born in 1963, after a period spent between Israel and USA, moved to London with the desire to work in the music industry, and after having made a name for himself as a DJ he began working as a helper for the Lillie Yard studios. He made a career between 1984 and 1986 until he became a sound engineer. He worked with Björk in "Post" and "Homogenic" recording, producing and being also an author. He co-produced, recorded and mixed the "electronic" album of the U2 "Pop" in 1997, together with the producer Flood and after working on their 1995 album Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 together with Brian Eno. Other important productions were Ponderosa di Tricky, the addition of "noises" to the album Virtual and sexy solitude recoveries of Marlene Kuntz, the production of a solo project for The Edge of U2 and the artistic production of 'Secret Fires' for Ofeliadorme. His label, Pussyfoot Records, has been on the market from 1994 to 2002 and has published more than 20 albums and compilations, as well as 50 singles and returned in 2018 to publish new artists.
In 2018 he worked with the Finister producing four pieces of the album 'Please, take your time.'
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Suspended between Live set and Dj set Dylan Alexander Lorimer and Vittorio Cerisano will present their vision of electronic music: from the African tribal to the American trap: original pieces with samples of great class. Thrilling.

The Other Thursday "
A weekly trip to the local musical and artistic scene: Live Bands, dj-sets, mc's, breakers, writers, artistic and dance performances; An evening to get together and learn about the various independent realities that give warmth and color to our city, out of the mainstream logic.
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Live Set: Finister
Dj Set: Howie B

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