PAZ-ZiA: an event torn to pieces

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Address: Via Mannelli, 2, Florence

Date: Friday 24 January 23:00 - 03:30


✰ ❏❐❑❒ ✰ Friday 24 January ✰ ❏❐❑❒ ✰

the Combo Social Club returns to the event that literally made the dance floor im-PAZ-zire, a riot of music and fun, for those who know how to give their best without any musical discrimination !!

you will find the stage set with a mega console and 4 DJs, each specialized in its kind, ready to make you dance in rotation, mixing one another in repetition under the guidance of the "supervocalist" Giampyxx ... !!!

the rotation continues on stage in search of the idol of the evening:

Van Bombacci (dance 90)
Hermes (Latin)
Seccio (reggae / dancehall)
Giampy xx (trash)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
⏰ start at 23.00 ⏰

5 euros before midnight
7 euros after 24.00
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

... an event torn apart
... an event foolish

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