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Address: Via Mannelli, 2, Florence

Date: Wednesday 19 December 21:30 - 23:00


DIODEGRADABLE is the sixth satirical monologue of Pietro Sparacino.

At the age of thirty-five, with a ten-year-old son, a separation behind him, a new partner and over ten years of stage and comedy, Pietro embarks on an intimate and personal journey, highlighting the contradictions of power understood in all its forms: economic power, political power, executive power but also the power of seduction, decision-making power, social power, the fourth and fifth power; the purchasing power, the power to the people, the abuse of power, the will is power.
Every day we deal with power, we suffer it, we desire it, we long for power, we are crushed, we are defeated, we fight against it or we make it a friend.
Parents are the first authorities we know and then God, religion, the law, the political leader on duty, the most viewed on the web, the star of the moment or the winner of the latest reality, divisions of the many qualities, seemingly infallible and unreachable.
But history tells us that no God is immortal and so men fall and the gods also fall.
Because God is degradable and power wears out those who have it.

Stand up comedian, comedian, author, actor.
Born in 1982 and since then has never stopped breathing.
For over ten years orbit in the world of theater, TV and comedy.
In 2009 SATIRIASI was born, the first Stand Up Comedy VM18 project in Italy, a
unbalanced group within which it seeks its balance.
Thus begins the path of the Stand Up Comedy.
Counts 5 stand-up comedy monologues: I'm afraid, Umori Molesti, Between me and me ... I'm schizophrenic but we're healing, The constipates read a lot more, SUB-ITA A life without subtitles.
In 2013, on Raidue, protagonist of all the episodes of the #Aggratis program.
In 2014 he stars in XLOVE, a program produced by LE IENE broadcast on Italia1.
From 2014 to 2018 he is one of the comedians of the STAND UP COMEDY broadcast, broadcast on Comedy Central, Sky, with the rest of the Satiriasi group, the first Stand up comedy program in Italy. In May 2015 he took part in the Maurizio Costanzo Show.
He wrote for Le Iene, Enrico Brignano and other comedians on the national scene. From 2015 in the cast of Le Iene as an envoy.
Today he dreams of a worse country to have satirical material to work on.
He lives in Italy and is thinking of making an insane gesture.
To stay alive.

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admission 12 euros

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