Malika Ayane's rock band in concert

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Address: Via Mannelli 2 , Florence

Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018


Malika Ayane's rock band in concert at the Combo

Tuesday 27 November 2018 - 22 hours - ticket 5 euros
Combo Social club - via Mannelli, 2a - Florence

It is the band that supports Maila Ayane and in the next days will be with her on stage in Florence.

The Urs take the opportunity for a live all of them, Tuesday, November 27 at the Combo of Florence (22 - 5 euros) and in the foreground there is the ep of debut, "City of UR".

Italians stationed in Berlin, the Urs are Jacopo Bertacco on guitar and Nico Lippolis on drums, a sprawling duo born to communicate through hard, experimental and psychedelic sounds, still placing trust in the power of rock as a means to shake consciences.

The title of the ep, "City of UR" metaphorically alluding to the disappeared Mesopotamian city and civilization, is an invitation to reflect on the terminal state of contemporary civilization.

5 traces that speak of the sense of intolerance of the individual towards the institutions and the impotence towards the elite that maneuver from behind the scenes the fate of entire peoples, the relationship between man and machine and the indiscriminate exploitation of resources, war, concept of "other", in a historical moment in which many political and religious ideologies continue to divide the men fomenting hatred and inciting to point the finger at "the other", refugee refugee, infidel, or minority of chance.

Jacopo and Nico collaborate internationally with different artists and in different musical fields.

Info show
Combo Social Club - via Mannelli, 2a - Florence
Info tel. 340 5385830 -

Single seat ticket: 5 euros

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