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Address: Via Mannelli, 2, Florence

Date: Wednesday 23 January 21:00 - 23:00


In his fifth monologue, Velia Lalli, tries to close the circle, after having done budgets every New Year, every year after the summer holidays, at the passage of every decade, and even in every monologue. He takes refuge once again in laughter to accept all the failures of his ambitions. And while some may seem extravagant, such as finding out that you have not even fully achieved the status of catty, all the rest is the lucid analysis of our most common induced ambitions.
She is no longer a little girl, she is not a mother, she is not a catty girl enough, she is not fashionable enough, she is not quite talented, she is not feminist enough. And it's not even famous enough.
With an open attack on the national female comedy, Velia claims to be a niche, where the woman has a fat laugh, free and aware, which does not pass through the critique criticism of the male. When she talks so much about women, she wants them armed with the most powerful weapon she knows: the student spirit. Providing a handbook of beating bars to be written down and used in case of "need"

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