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Address: Piazza delle Belle Arti 2 , Florence

Date: Monday 18 March 2019


Launch of the new edition of Vetrina di libri

the cycle of presentations with musical interventions by teachers and students of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence

Monday 18 March 2019 5.00 pm - Sala Del Buonumore Pietro Grossi, Florence

You who know. Cherubino's character in "Le nozze di Figaro" (LIM, Lucca 2017)

by Cinzia Dichiara

New edition of Vetrina di Libri, the cycle of presentations with musical interventions by teachers and students of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence.

The calendar edited by Guglielmo Pianigiani hosts the presentation of the book Voi che sapete on the first appointment, scheduled for Monday, March 18 at the Sala Del Buonumore Pietro Grossi . The character of Cherubino in "Le nozze di Figaro" (LIM, Lucca 2017) by Cinzia Dichiara, a text that tries to read the Marriage of Figaro Mozart from the character perhaps most disturbing and mysterious: the page Cherubino. A first theoretical-introductory part will be followed by an analysis of the work and of the individual numbers related to the page, with references to the most recent musicological criticism. The author Cinzia Dichiara, Marina Comparato and Guglielmo Pianigiani ( Free admission ) participate in the debate.

It reads in the introduction by Philip Gosset: "This is a book that gives a very convincing account, providing a powerful demonstration of the centrality of the character of Cherubino and the opportunity to reshape our perception of the work of Da Ponte and Mozart. Moreover, the frequent references to Beaumarchais - in this case to Le Mariage de Figaro and La Mère coupable - invite us to reread the texts of the French playwright with a different look. As Cinzia Dichiara states, in the work we talk about love in all its facets. So that the air of Cherubino "You who know what love is", while making understand the confusion of the adolescent who asks for help in the face of such an overwhelming state of mind, places itself as a spontaneous and manifest outlet of the eternal feeling to his first to wake up. The Count of Almaviva, on the other hand, seems far from understanding true feelings and must come to the conclusion of the work to be able to grasp the power of love, when he asks forgiveness from the Countess for having tried to betray her with Susanna. This moment, with which Mozart's score closes, is a precise reference to Cherubino's pervasive presence in the fourth act, despite the fact that the page only occurs at the end, when it hides in the garden pavilion with Barbarina and he is then slapped by the Count, who imagines he is facing Figaro and the Countess. In this case Cinzia Dichiara talks about Cherubino's "last gag". But it is, in my opinion, something more than a gag: as the author very well emphasizes bringing it to the fore, the last appearance of the page makes us understand to what extent the conditioning brought by its evolutions arrives and arises, then , as the definitive confirmation of his influence on the Count, once again grappling with his impertinent figure ".

Musical intervention:

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791)

from the Marriage of Figaro:

"I don't know what I'm doing anymore," he said

"Come, kneel," air of Susanna

"You who know", Cherubino air

Silvia Spessot, soprano *

Emma Alessi Innocenti, mezzo-soprano **

Guglielmo Pianigiani, piano

* Student of Prof. Donatella Debolini

** Student of Maestro Gianni Fabbrini

Cherubini Conservatory press office in Florence

Lorenzo Migno

The program of the entire review

Monday, March 18, 5 pm, Conservatory, Sala del Buonumore, Cinzia DICHIARA, You who know. Cherubino's character in Le nozze di Figaro, LIM, Lucca 2017 (with Marina Comparato).

Thursday, March 21, 5 pm, National Central Library of Florence, Ugo ORLANDI, Carlo Munier, the poet of the mandolin, CMI-IMC, Brescia 2012.

Monday, April 1, 5 pm, Conservatory, Sala del Buonumore, Luisa CURINGA - Marco RAPETTI, Skrjabin and the Sound-Light, FUP, Florence 2019.

Wednesday, April 10, 5 pm, Conservatory, Sala del Buonumore, Franz Liszt and Jessie Taylor Laussot Hillebrand. An unpublished chapter of nineteenth-century musical history, curated by Mariateresa STORINO, LIM, Lucca 2016 (with Gregorio Nardi).

Monday, May 6th, 5pm, Villa Favard, Sala dei Giochi, Massimiliano CALDERAI, 9 studios between jazz and classical, Symphony, Brugherio 2018.

Monday 13 May, Conservatory, Miriam VIAPIANA, The Edoardo Cavallini Archive at the Library of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence - Inventory, FUP, Florence 2019.

Monday, May 20, 5 pm, Conservatory, Sala del Buonumore, Mattia ROSSI, Ezra Pound and music. From Homer to Beethoven, Eclectic, Massa Carrara 2018

Thursday, May 30th, 5 pm, Central National Library of Florence, Fabio ROSSI, Italian opera: language and language, Carocci, Rome 2018; Ilaria BONOMI-Edoardo BURONI, The language of opera, Il Mulino, Bologna 2017

Thursday 12 December, 5pm, Conservatory, Sala del Buonumore, Sibelius and Italy, curated by Annalisa BINI, Flavio COLUSSO and Ferruccio TAMMARO, National Academy of St. Cecilia, Rome 2019


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