New Cinema Puccini Garden - week from Saturday 7 to Friday 13 July

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Address: via delle Cascine 33 , Florence

Date: Friday 13 July 2018


Puccini Theater Cultural Association

in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence - Florentine Summer 2018


New Cinema Puccini Garden

Courtyard of the Chimney - Tobacco Factory

2018 edition

program from Saturday 7 to Friday 13 July

free admission

Saturday 7 July

6.00 pm


The beauty of the three oranges

with the Pupi di Stac

We are at the King's Palace. The Sovereign is busy in the affairs of the kingdom. His son the Prince, however, never knows what to do and is bored. To vent anger, take a stone and pull it away. An angry old woman arrives: the stone has broken her house window! The young man apologizes and promises to reward the grandmother, justifying himself and confiding his dissatisfaction. Then the old woman, who is actually a little magical, gives the Prince a purpose in life: to find and save the Beauty of the Three Oranges.


> CINEMA & MUSICA - Films that talk about music and musical passion

Nico, 1988

by Susanna Nicchiarelli (93 ')

Road-movie dedicated to Christa Päffgen, aka Nico. Muse of Warhol, singer of the Velvet Underground and a woman with a legendary beauty. She tells about her last years of life, her rebirth, in which she finds herself, freeing herself of the weight of her beauty and rebuilding a relationship with her only forgotten child.

Sunday 8 July at 9.30 pm

> CINEMA Sorrentino vs Garrone

The consequences of love

by Paolo Sorrentino (100 ')

Second film by Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino. An opportunity to rediscover the story of the enigmatic Titta Di Girolamo (Toni Servillo) and his forced exile on behalf of the mafia. A unique and hypnotic film capable, like few others, to reveal itself in small doses and to draw the guidelines of the Sorrentinian cinema.

Monday 9 July

6.00 pm

> TALES UNDER THE TENT - children's readings

The hummingbird and the color of the birds

with Centrale dell'Arte


> CINEMA Unmissable - The Cineforum of the summer


by Denis Villeneuve (118 ')

The tenth feature film by the Canadian director Denis Villeneuve deals with the theme of a possible "close encounter of the third kind" with alien life forms arriving on earth aboard huge and mysterious spaceships. The charm and power of language that can condition thought and the meaning of life condensed into a "small" film, almost intimate, full of special effects.

Tuesday 10 July at 9.30 pm


stage reading by Pietro Grossi

Ernest Hemingway: life in words

Wednesday 11 July at 9.30 pm

> CINEMA Inside the music - Behind the scenes of great music

Springsteen & I

by Bailie Walsh (124 ')

The life and career of the Boss through the eyes and visions of his fans all over the world. Rock became the soundtrack of an entire generation in a documentary produced by Ridley Scott.

Thursday 12 July

6.00 pm

> TALES UNDER THE TENT - children's readings

The empty vase (ancient Chinese fairy tale)

with Centrale dell'Arte


> CINEMA Italia today - small and big hits

We and Giulia

by Edoardo Leo (115 ')

Another comedy is a film based on a book ("Giulia 1300 and other miracles" by Fabio Bartolomei) for this cycle of small, great Italian films. A choral film that functions as a clockwork mechanism to tell the story (tragicomics) of a group of "losers" able to challenge the Camorra.

Friday, July 13th at 9.30pm

> CINEMA Documentaries - stories from the world

Robert Doisneau - The lens of wonders

by Clementine Deroudille (83 ')

Extraordinary portrait of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, known for immortal masterpieces as "The Kiss" and for a deeply humanist approach to Art, realized thanks to a rich archive of unpublished images and rare repertoire videos.

The Griglieria del Mugello is open every day from 6.00 pm in the garden: grill and restaurant with specialties of the Mugello, tortelli, homemade pasta and much more.

There is a sales point in the reader library , open every evening.

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Courtyard of the Chimney - Tobacco Factory

via delle Cascine 33


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