Jam Session - Rhythm And Blues

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Address: Viale Marconi, 36/d , Prato

Date: Sunday 30 December 2019


There is nothing preordained, established, organized by the rigidity of a score when we talk about jam sessions. The only thing we really need to think about in relation to this experience is the idea of a "meeting", of the meeting, of an impromptu moment in which the musicians give life to a musical performance based on known agreements.

What happens then if we combine all this with the social dance world? Then, thinking about it, in a ballroom the dancers behave like jam musicians: they test their skills, they improvise "material" of steps that are already part of their experience, they know the "fundamentals" of the genre, they decide where to put the deadlifts, the changes of rhythm and basically, they want to have fun.

Swingin'up organizes the RHYTHM AND BLUES JAM SESSION on Sunday, in the spaces of the new Crossover Ballroom in v. Marconi 36 / d, in Prato.
The protagonists of this occasion are the SOUL ON FIRE with Emiliano Degl'Innocenti on guitar and vocals, Carlo Romagnoli on bass and Davide Malito Lenti on drums.
The evening, which will start at 9.30 pm, is open to all blues, blues and rhythmists, boogie woogie and rnr.

Admission costs € 5 including drinks and is reserved for Swingin'up members.
It is also possible to make a card on site

JAB HIM ... .to JAM !!!
Vintage is future!

Marco: 3333753857
Eleonora: 3395372765
Mauritius: 3282315017


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