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Name: Cycle Club

Address: Via Petrarca 180, 50145 , Calenzano



After the first year of operation, the cycle ~ has already become a landmark in Tuscany for live music concerts.

Have focused their energies and audio system resources, on equipment, acoustics, music, was a popular choice, satisfying the demand there was for a long time with all those people looking for a place where most important thing is to feel well concerto.Ma the eye wants its part, and thus ended the first season however we are dedicated to the aesthetic aspect, with two months of work that have completely transformed the look ~ Cycle.

Trying to learn from the mistakes, trying to grow and improve, the Cycle ~ begins in September 2013, his second year in the scene of live music, looking for a confirmation of all the good wishes from the members, supporters, and all those who believe in this project.

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