Acousmatic tales vol.1 // Suite Ohm / XO

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Address: Via Francesco Petrarca 180, Calenzano

Date: Saturday 19 January 21:00 - 01:00



Main Room:
- Ohm Suite
- XO: "Rossana" New Album Preview
- Jacopo Paolini "AcusmaticUnderground"

DJ Set aftershow by DJ Mister

First Floor installations:
- "Take your time" for Sonora Chair
by Alberto Gatti
- "Talking about the time" for recorders and voice
of the Acusmatica Project

Francesco Perissi XO
Francesco Perissi aka "XO" is a sound designer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. Learn the secrets and potential of musical instruments and software working for years in a specialized store. After numerous concerts as a guitarist and 3 albums recorded with the post-metal band "Qube", Francesco Perissi chooses to deepen the world of digital audio. He graduated in electronic music at the L.Cherubini Conservatory of Florence where he wrote compositions performed by the New Music Ensemble of New York and used as soundtracks for shorts and performances by various local artists. During his studies he began to collaborate with the Centro Tempo Reale in Florence, where he took care of the sound for numerous reviews of electronic and contemporary music. In 2014 he founded the "XO" project where the electric guitar creates environmental textures along with rhythm and electronic filtering. In 2016 he founded the "X6" project where the electric guitar is spatialized into 6.1 speakers thanks to the hexaphonic pick-up. Currently Francesco Perissi concentrates his research on the possibilities of expressive and technological development of musical instruments mixing research music with "pop" music.
"Rossana" is the title of the new work soon on the arrival of the XO project. The name is that of a beloved missing person that contains a symbolic imagery concerning the emotional sphere of affectivity, often marked by the pain of separation and the thrill of the encounter, the destructive impulse and the constructive one, by fear and fragility. The description of these processes that move in depth, takes place through the discovery of the most intimate expressive means we possess: the voice. The album was conceived in 2018 among the icy and solitary winter landscapes of Sweden and written in the scorching and torrid heat of the Italian summer.

Ohm Suite

The music and the desire for collective participation in it are the glues that have led Lorenzo Ballerini, Andrea Bui, Massimo D'Amato, Alberto Gatti, Davide Martiello and Vanessa Trippi to create a type of organization and musical fruition defined as Modular.
The concept of "Modular Event" thus leads the audience to immerse themselves in the proposed show where there is no longer a single musician or a single group. Our idea is the collective participation in the production of a show where all the participants are part of a whole.
The event thus becomes the result of numerous artists who under a single identity are dedicated to the search for ever new performances, sometimes captivating, sometimes involving, with the aim of always looking at the present future.

Jacopo Paolini

"AcusmaticUnderground" is perfect underground mix between the world of electronic music and that of electro-acoustic music.

Doors: 21.00
Ticket: 8 euros with drinks

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