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Address: Via Francesco Petrarca 180, Calenzano

Date: Saturday 16 March 21:30 - 03:30


The Festival that gives voice to the best Progressive Rock and Metal bands of the moment.
Five of the most virtuous Italian projects will upset your concept of music:

▪ Flashback Of Anger (Florence)
▪ Anvil Therapy (Florence)
▪ Profusion (Siena)
▪ Mess Excess (Florence)
▪ New Horizons (Pisa)
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◆ H 21.30 New Horizons:
The New Horizons born in 2013 in Pisa, the band is composed of Luca Guidi (keyboards), Giacomo Froli (solo guitar), Nicola Giannini (rhythm guitar), Claudio Froli (bass), Federico Viviani (drums) and Oscar Nini (voice) ). In April 2014 the demo "The Trail of Shadows" is presented at the Borderline of Pisa. In March 2016 the recording of "Inner Dislocation" begins at the Magnitudo Studios in Ghezzano (Pisa), in 2017 the record is completed with the mastering at the Domination Studio (San Marino) by Simone Mularoni (guitarist of the DGM, masters of prog-power Italian metal). Among the live experiences stand out concerts at Blitz (Pisa), at the Cycle Club (Florence) opening at the DGM and at the Legend Club (Milan) opening at the Sirenia.

◆ H 22.15 Mess Excess:
Mess Excess is an Italian progressive rock / metal band founded in December 2009 in Florence. In 2013 the band won the contest organized by the Parsifal of Sesto Fiorentino with the collaboration of Unicoop Firenze, in 2015 released "Fly Away", the band's first studio album.
The album presents songs that synthesize their prog influences from the '70s and' 80s and present more modern solutions, such as the use of the female voice, completely unusual in the genre, and the search for sounds, arrangements, melodies and vocal lines to the detriment of extreme technicality. 2015 sees the band engaged in live activity, up to stage important stages such as the Viper Theater of Florence and The Cage of Livorno.
In 2017 he released Qua'Rock Records "From Another World Part 1", (followed in 2019 by "From Another World Part 2"), the first part of an ambitious concept album that tells the story of a thirty-five year old teacher who case, find out
the killing of an old college mate through a television newscast; the friend is described as a terrorist, a vision that seems far-fetched in his eyes and memories. Hence the doubts
assail the protagonist who decides to investigate the story. An inner struggle afflicts the protagonist, the search for truth dictated by the doubt about the official version and the cultural necessity of not questioning the reputation of one's own country meet, which of the two will prevail?

◆ H 23 Flashback Of Anger:
The Flashbacks of Anger are a Florentine power-melodic metal band formed in 2003. Between 2004 and 2005 they record 2 demos ("Panta Rei" and "Off With My Heart"), which receive great critical acclaim and win several contests in the Florentine territory, which brings them to the light of the underground metal scene. In 2007 the band performed at the Evolution Festival (alongside Kamelot, Nevermore, Virgin Steele, Fates Warning) and recorded the debut album "Splinters of Life" at the High Gain Studios by Arne Lakenmacher (tour manager of Nevermore and Amon Amarth ), Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray), who takes care of the artistic direction. Alessio Gori then took part in the Hellish Rock Tour with Helloween and Gamma Ray as the latter's keyboardist.
In 2014, after a period of pause for the untimely death of bassist Francesco Masini, TSR (Terminate and
Stay Resident) in August 2014 with the German label IceWarrior Records. The album sees the collaboration of Fabio Lione (Vision Divine, Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra).
In 2018, the third album "Shades" was released again for Icewarrior Records.

◆ H 23.45 Profusion
The philosophy of the Profusion combines the Mediterranean and the Georgian musical tradition using rock as a unifying fabric. In their songs, large instrumental and choral Georgian sections and instrumental virtuoso parts merge together with the melodic and harmonious taste of the western rock tradition.
On the first album "One Piece Puzzle" (2006), follows "Rewotower"
(2012). Chuta Chani, the most famous single of the album, was performed for the first time in 2009, with Maestro Mauro Pagani (PFM historical violinist) during the ninth edition of "La Città Aromatica" (Siena). "Rewotower" boasts the participation of international artists such as the Italian jazz singer Titta Nesti, the Georgian jazz singer Maia Baratashvili and the guitarist Simon Hosford (Tommy Emmanuel Band).
The band participates in numerous festivals, such as the 2DaysProg + 1, where it shares the stage with Flower Kings, Pain Of Salvation, IQ and Angelo Branduardi; the ProgSud Festival in Marseille in 2013, the Progressive Promotion Festival in Russelsheim in 2014 and the Crescendo Festival in Saint Palais sur Mer, Bordeaux.
In 2015 he released the third album "Phersu" to which the Georgian jazz singer Mamuka Ghaghanidze (of the German band The Shin) and the world famous mezzo-soprano Anita Rachvelishvili collaborate. For Anita the band has composed "Wrinkled maiden", whose proceeds have been donated to AIMA, an Italian association suffering from Alzheimer's.
In August 2017 the band performed with Anita Rachvelishvili in an opera-rock concert performing their pieces with the Georgian National Philharmonic Orchestra at the Batumi State Musical Center.
In 2018 the band performed on the stage of the Abbey of San Galgano on the occasion of the Progressive Night and Francesca Celati finally became the main singer.
Davide Pepi (guitar and choirs), Duccio Pellati (bass), Jonathan
Caradonna (keyboards), Vladimer Sichinava (drums and choirs) and Francesca Celati (voice).

◆ H 00.15 Anvil Therapy:
Anvil Therapy is a Rock / Progressive / Metal group formed in 2009 in Florence. After a series of concerts in Tuscany, in 2011 was born "Away from Here", the band's debut album. "Duality", the second studio album due out in February 2019, is melodic, powerful and impactful; progressive components and crossover genre influences such as fusion, ethnic music and contemporary "classical" have free rein. An obscure and anthological concept, inspired by the concept of "duality" in its widest sense and tells us about ten different life stories.
Alessandro Matera (Voice), Alessandro Berchicci (Guitar), Dario Calamai (Keyboard), Stefano Filipponi (Bass) Michel Agostini (Battery).
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► Doors open at 21.15
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Cycle ~ Club
Via F. Petrarca 180, Calenzano (FLORENCE)

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