Back to 1999: from the Ditta Artigianale New Year 90s

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Address: via de Neri 32 , Florence

Date: 31 December 2019


Monday 31 December at the cafeteria, restaurant and gin bar in via dello Sprone 3 / 5r (free admission)

Back to 1999: from the Ditta Artigianale New Year 90s

between past hits and a themed cocktail list signed by Julian Biondi

During the evening it will be possible to taste the new coffee based drinks created by the mixology expert Julian Biondi and the coffee sample Francesco Sanapo

The dreaded Millennium Bug, Britney Spears at the pinnacle of success, evenings washed down by Sex on the beach and Cuba Libre: from Ditta Artigianale , via dello Sprone 3 / 5r in the heart of the Florentine Oltrarno, on Tuesday 31 December the arrival of the new year with a journey through time, a big party dedicated to 1999 with a wild playlist dedicated to the hits of that period and a 90s drinklist designed ad hoc by Julian Biondi , a well-known mixology expert and very popular on the network on the page "Cultural Moments ".

During the festival on December 31st it will also be possible to taste the new coffee based cocktails created by Julian Biondi and the coffee champion Francesco Sanapo. Ditta Artigianale has in fact inaugurated a new course, which includes not only drinks that combine the best mixology with specialty coffees, but also special initiatives such as the " Ditta Talks ", tasting sessions led by Julian Biondi, dedicated each time to a cocktail or distillate different.

Among the new paper cocktails, three are based on cold brew , cold extracted coffee, including the " Morning Mantra ", with rum barcardi 8 and bitter Martini reserve, a tiki-inspired drink with a sweet and tropical taste with bitter notes; again the " Milk & Honey " with chestnut honey and lemon cordial, all clarified with curdled milk through the ancient technique of "milk washing", which in addition to clarifying gives a different texture to the drink and prolongs its conservation and “Cold Fashioned” Old Fashioned style drink with a slight hint of coffee given by a cold brew syrup, mixed together with bourbon whiskey, almond liqueur, and aromatic bitters. Also worthy of mention is the " Our expression of an espresso martini" classic version of the espresso Martini but based on Peter in Florence gin combined with specialty blends by Ditta Artigianale. The "Little Italy" instead is a tribute to the cocktail "Manhattan" and to the Italian community of the Big Apple, thanks to the use of only Italian products such as Vermouth Carpano Antica Formula infused with the "Jump" blend by Ditta Artigianale in Aeropress , Stravecchio, Montenegro and bitter orange bitters. Finally, the "Single Origins" is a collins-style drink, in which, however, the citric part does not derive from citrus juices but is taken from various "alternative" elements. Each ingredient is dedicated to a "single origin", therefore a unique area of origin in which a unique product is born. They range from cold brew with single origin Ethiopia , to Rhum Clairin of Haiti to Mastiha, a mastic resin-based liqueur produced only in the south of the island of Chios in Greece.

Ditta Artigianale is the first line of Italian specialty coffee shops (dedicated to coffee of particular taste value), directed by the award-winning barista champion Francesco Sanapo, who chooses the best blends and single origin in the production countries, directly from the farms. It is also micro-roasting, and coffees, roasted and served fresh, are also available for purchase on .

Ditta Artigianale is open every day from Monday to Sunday, from 8 to 24. For information and reservations: 055 045 7163 .


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