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Address: Piazza Brunelleschi, Florence

Date: Friday 27 September 22:30 - 03:00


Firenzenotte is unable to monitor the events that are cancelled, sometimes even with very little notice, due to the Coronavirus. Before going to the premises, please check directly with the organisers if the venue is open or if the scheduled event is confirmed.

The university rhythms start again: notional lessons, alienating faculties and credits on credits to be accumulated

Krisis is pleased to present his second party in Brunelleschi, one year after his birth!

H 23: OO -> Start of the Festival with
-> Loud'n'Proud Sound System
-> Majestic Elements
Brunelleschi, Humanistic Library, Piazza Brunelleschi 4

Beer and Cocktail at Popular Prices

Special Guest:
Borghetti of the Student Self-managed Pdm

There are two choices: shut up at home for a month and despair, or come on the 27th in the Brunelleschi Cloister to dance and drink until you have forgotten the 35 exams of the first year you have yet to give!

With the now ubiquitous Loud'n'Proud Sound System, our trusted Florentine sound, we went beyond the Alps in search of another sound capable of taking down all the center of Florence once and for all. After crossing every mountain, pass and glacier (of those remaining) that can be crossed, we arrived in the Canton Ticino, where we found the Majestic elements Sound System!

With this dynamic duo we are waiting for you to turn the university into our own space, where the social sphere can really meet the cultural one, and where you can escape the logic of the market. Against the increasingly gentrified and emptied center of his soul, where to have fun you can only go to the expensive and "chic" cafes, this party is part of a re-appropriation of spaces made by those who live in them and resist them against the nothing that advances.

The proceeds of the party will go to pay the legal fees of the collective, which continues to fight against inequality, racism and exploitation, in a historical moment more repressive than ever.

We invite you, finally, to respect the place, and the inhabitants of the neighborhood that we all frequent and that it is our interest to protect and maintain.

Support your faculty collective, come 27 to do gang!

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