Contempo Day & Night.

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Address: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi , Florence

Date: Friday 21 June 2019



from 5pm: Contempo Day & Night.

Contempo Records and Gianni Maroccolo present: Gianni Maroccolo - Alone II, second volume of Gianni Maroccolo's Perpetual Disc

Live music from 8.30pm

The Fiorino sull'Arno (Lungarno Pecori Giraldi - Florence, near the Ponte di San Niccolò; reservations 333 9222943 ), open-air restaurant offering seven days a week , is back throughout the summer until September, good music and quality entertainment, along with excellent pizzas and other culinary specialties, especially Mediterranean; after dinner you can have the comforts of a well-stocked bar. Not just night space: the bar is open from 9am to midnight ; give her 19 appetizer; from 20 you have dinner . All in a very pleasant space, in the midst of old trees that protect from the summer heat. The concerts usually start at 9.30pm and are always free .

For Saturday 22, the Fiorino has a treat in store with an early start: from 17 spaces to the historic Contempo record label. From 18 Contempo Records and Gianni Maroccolo present: Gianni Maroccolo - Alone II. On the occasion of the release of ALONE II, the second volume of Gianni Maroccolo's perpetual disc, one of the two zero volume printers and a volume two test pressing will be drawn at random among the 155 subscribers to Alone Lp format, while the glass master of the zero volume will be drawn at random among the 106 subscribers to Alone format Cd. Gianni Maroccolo will be present at the draw and will autograph the prizes "live".

To enrich the evening, there will be:

Life In The Woods - Nothing Is Life In The Woods, a young group formed in 2017, they call themselves a rock'n'roll band. Logan Ross (vocals and guitar), Frank Lucchetti (bass and vocals) and Tomasch Lesny (drums and vocals) recorded their first album with Gianni Maroccolo, due out in September for Contempo Records. On June 22, the preview will be released on 7 ": NOTHING IS! Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, Free ... these are the first names that come to mind when listening to LITW! Anyone who has seen them play at the second edition of Contempo Night (February 2019, Auditorium FLOG) knows that their live performances are a must see!

Bobby Joe Long's Friendship Party - Semo Solo Scemi. The Bobby Joe Long's Friendship Party (BJLFP), also known as the Oscura Combo Romana, is an instrument of the 03.33 art project. They are born with the aim of conveying the messages and contents 03:33 under a form that they themselves define with Dramasynthcoattowave sarcasm. After the EP Vortice de Totip and the Roma Est and Bundytismo albums, all entirely self-produced, they are put under contract by Contempo in 2018 and on May 24, 2019 Semo Solo Scemi comes out, the final act of the "trucilogia" of East Rome. They always start in 2019 to perform live, debuting at the FLOG Auditorium as part of the Contempo Night 2019. Not to be missed!

Admission is obviously free ; Live performances start at 8.30pm and go on until 10.30pm. It closes with a convivial moment in the company of Contempo: those who wish can enjoy the specialties of the Fiorino sull'Arno restaurant (fixed menu dinner 20 euros; booking recommended). The draw will be during the evening and the prizes will be autographed live by Gianni Maroccolo.

Program 20 June - 31 July

Thursday 20 June at 9.30pm concert - Sunrise Jazz Orchestra

Friday 21 June at 21.30 concert - Isola Jazz . Romina Capitani, Riccardo Galardini, Giacomo Rossi.

Saturday 22 June from 8 pm concert - Contempo Records and Gianni Maroccolo present: Gianni Maroccolo - Alone II - Life in The Woods - Nothing Is - Bobby Joe's Long Friendship Party - Semo Solo Scemi.

Sunday 23 June from 9.00 pm Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino. Sunday is dedicated to an event that is now a must among the tangueros: the Milonga del Fiorino , always very crowded and arrived in the sixth season. A now historic space, with a typical "milonghero" flavor: tandas y cortinas music, wooden platform, free entry. Musicalized each week by a different specialist. Respect for the patrol and the other couples on the track is required. Info: 347 6596066.

Monday 24 June Fochi di San Giovanni : the Fiorino is in a splendid position, to enjoy the fireworks display. Book dinner early ...

Tuesday 25 June 9.30pm concert - Two for L’s

Wednesday 26 June 9.30pm concert - FCT Francesco Cusa Trio . Giovanni Benvenuti: sax, Ferdinando Romano: double bass, Francesco Cusa: drums. The new trio by Francesco Cusa explores the territories of the original compositions and of the polyrhythm. A reinterpretation of the design experiences of the Sicilian artist's past in an acoustic key with a look at traditional music and revised standards.

Thursday 27 June at 9.30pm concert - Question Market feat. Giulia Galliani. Giovanni Benvenuti: sax, Federico Carnevali: guitar, Giovanni Miatto: bass, Saverio Cacopardi: drums, Giulia Galliani: voice. All four gravitating around the fertile musical area around Siena Jazz, musicians have been collaborating for years. In 2016 Question Market was born, with a repertoire of original music that reflects the variety of tastes of the members. Contemporary jazz, where the use of odd times and sounds with modern and incisive traits become a trademark and a point of union between the various pieces chosen by the quartet. In 2017 they win the recording of an album and since then they have performed in Italy and abroad. Giulia Galliani has been singing with the quartet for several years and an Italian tour for August 2019 was born from their collaboration.

Friday 28 June 9.30pm concert - Marco Di Maggio duo . Marco Di Maggio: guitar and voice; Matteo Giannetti: double bass. Rock'n'roll and rockabilly with a duo that looks like an orchestra. Marco Di Maggio is a leading exponent of the international R'n'R scene and is considered by the specialized press as one of the best guitarists in the world.

Saturday 29 June at 9.30pm concert - Riccardo Mori . A singer-songwriter (founding member of the Ragazzi Scimmia) who replenishes his repertoire with Italian and international covers.

Sunday, June 30 at 21.00 Evening organized by Tango Florido.

Monday 1st July 9.30pm Videoart

Tuesday 2nd July 9.30pm dance - Gaia Scuderi. Well-known dancer , specialized in oriental dances ( ( Teacher of Arab expressive dance at Opus Ballet) and contemporary dance.

Wednesday 3 July 9.30pm concert - Threeoniric. Claudio Ingletti : tenor sax and flute, Filippo Pedol: double bass, Stefano Rapicavoli: drums. The group's repertoire explores the essential and psychedelic sonorities offered by trio training without piano. The deep musical and human understanding created between the three musicians gives rise to a sincere music in which the rhythmic session and the sax constantly dialogue with each other experimenting different musical situations. A musical journey through original compositions, standards and oneiric improvisations.

Thursday 4 July 9.30pm concert - Tremulaterra feat. DanzeassuD. Stefano Lombardo (accordion and voice), Biagio Mele (tambourine and voice), Valentina Cariulo (violin and voice). an explosive trio of Salentine folk music that, with the spontaneity and the goliardia typical of dance parties, proposes a wide repertoire of Salento stornelli, polyphonic songs with stisa, waltz, mazurke and pizzica pizzica. The trio is made up of artists who drew heavily from the mastery of historical voices of the Salento tradition such as Uccio Aloisi and Pino Zimba and reproduce their sounds with simplicity and without contamination. the concert is animated by DanzeassuD choreography.

Friday 5 July 9.30pm concert - Whiskey Trail. Historical members of the historic band.

Saturday 6 July 9.30pm concert - Musía trio with the voice of Susan Gagliano. A mixture of joy and refinement Susan Gagliano, American vocalist, and the two excellent Tuscan musicians Tommaso Poli on guitar and Filippo Martelli at the piano, propose a musical journey that selects the flower from the Seventies until today .

Sunday 7th July 9.00pm Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino.

Monday 8 July at 9.30pm Videoart

Tuesday 9 July 9.30pm concert - Call & Response. Francesco Pinzani: voice, Guido Masi: guitar and voice, Andrea Brogi: drums. Blues, reggae and R'n'B. A mix of blues, reggae and R'n'B.

Wednesday 10 July 9.30pm concert - L: O: F: T: Quartet . Marco Cattarossi: electric bass, loop, Titta Nesti: vocals, loops, chaos pads, keyboards, percussion, Federico Gaspari: guitars, Marchino Pereira: drums, loops. The expression of instinct is entrusted to the primitiveness of the rhythm reproduced also with the bass played as a multitimbral set or with the loops and the effects used on the voice or the guitar. The rhythmic as a fixed point and launching ramp to build harmonic evolutions, overlapping sounds.

Thursday 11 July 9.30pm concert - Andrea Mucciarelli Trio . Andrea Mucciarelli: guitar, Marco Benedetti: double bass, Andrea Beninati: drums. The trio, whose members are active in various formations of the Tuscan music scene, proposes original pieces by Andrea Mucciarelli: jazz music that lives on the various influences and musical experiences of each of the components (rock, classical, blues ...).

Friday 12 July 9.30pm concert - Hilda Lizarazu feat. Peppe Voltarelli . The legendary Peppe Voltarelli, highly appreciated abroad in Europe and abroad (nemo propheta in his homeland ...) accompanies on stage the Argentine singer-songwriter, rock composer and photographer Hilda Lizarazu, founder of the rock band Man Ray, but also with a twenty-year solo career.

Saturday, July 13th 9.30pm concert - Perfidia Q.tet

Sunday, July 14th at 9.00pm Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino.

Monday, July 15 at 9.30 pm Videoart

Tuesday, July 16th 9.30pm concert - Leonardo Radicchi Red 4et. Leonardo Radicchi: sax, Nazareno Caputo: vibraphone, Ferdinando Romano: double bass, Marton Yuhasz: drums.

Wednesday 17th July 9.30pm concert - Danilo Vignola and Gio Di Donna. Danilo Vignola, the greatest experimenter in the world of ukulelistic techniques and sounds, and the percussion virtuoso Giò Didonna, four and a half years after the birth of their artistic project boast over 400 concerts, held mainly in the most prestigious theaters, jazz clubs and music clubs throughout the nation, in Europe (Scotland, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, England) and even in China. "Ukulele Revolver" disc promotion tour .

Thursday 18 July 9.30pm concert - Valeria Sturba : voice, violin, theremin, electronics, toys, loop station. In his original and colorful set, the multi-instrumentalist plucks strings, pushes buttons and turns knobs. With his little blue box he adds and multiplies sounds, and small parallel worlds are created, in which sweet voices blend into the theremin, yellow pigs become singers and sweet melancholy songs sink into abysses of noise.

Friday 19 July 9.30pm concert - Marco Poggiolesi Roots Q.tet. The guitarist Marco Poggiolesi, after two albums released for "Philology Records" and "Dodicilune", proposes a quartet that combines the most significant genres that have accompanied his path: Flamenco and Jazz. A tribute to the guitar but also to the craftsmanship of the acoustic sound and the wisdom of classical training. The combination is perfected thanks to the fundamental presence of Federica Finardi Goldberg on the cello, Stefano Patrizio on guitar and Stefano Rapicavoli on drums and percussion. Through original pieces and great classics of Korea, Gilberto, Bonfà, Galliano and of course Paco de Lucia, we proceed to the search of the origins, of the roots of a musical language that smacks of the Mediterranean and the ocean, starting and returning home, anywhere it is.

Saturday 20th July 9.30pm concert - Rodolfo Banchelli show . The singer-songwriter, dancer and actor Rodolfo Banchelli brings to the stage, with his trusted collaborator Cinzia Daloiso and others, a concentrate of his latest theatrical performances.

Sunday 21st July 21.00 Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino.

Monday 22nd July 9.30pm Videoart

Tuesday 23 July 9.30pm concert - Luca Gelli Quartet. Luca Gelli: guitar, Alessandro Fabbri: drums, Guido Zorn: double bass, Leonardo Volo: keyboards. Four well-known soloists in the national jazz environment united in a stable project.

Wednesday 24th July 9.30pm concert - Ferdinando Romano Trio with Jerome Sabbagh. Jerome Sabbagh: sax, Ferdinando Romano: double bass, Giovanni Paolo Liguori: drums.

Thursday, July 25 at 9.30 pm Radio '80 by and with Daniele Locchi with the participation of Roby Bruno dj. A true story. A live-set built by Daniele Locchi , actor and author of the 80s trilogy ( 80.doc / Generazione Tenax / Sold Out ) and Roberto Roby Bruno , eclectic dj and set host. An imaginary live radio transmission with music (so much) and chatter (few), in which the two reveal behind-the-scenes and anecdotes of Florence in the early Eighties (marked by the consolidation of Controradio, active since '75, and the birth of Tenax) and of Italian and foreign concerts of groups such as Talk Talk, Cult, Marillion and other rock bands of the decade, of artists such as Claudio Baglioni and Latoya Jackson, of the sacred monsters of the American rap of Public Enemy and Afrika Bambaataa, and then Radio Centofiori , the Clash and (not) the Rolling Stones; the Neon in Moscow ... ending with the raves of the early 90s. A "behind the scenes" conducted to the rhythm of music and radio, with visual supports and "direct Fbook".

Friday 26 July 9.30pm concert - Via del Campo

Saturday 27th July 9.30pm concert - Bonafé - Conversano - Ronga trio. Giovanni Conversano (guitar), Amedeo Ronga: double bass, Ettore Bonafè: drums and percussion.

Sunday 28th July 9.00pm Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino.

Monday 29 July Videoart

Tuesday 30th July 9.30pm concert - Francesco Giustini Organ Trio. Francesco Giustini: trumpet, Manrico Seghi: Hammond organ, Giovanni Paolo Liguori: drums. Francesco Giustini is considered one of the best emerging trumpet players in the Italian jazz scene, with a style characterized by a refined and incisive musical taste. Accompanying him is a solid and proven rhythm, which sees the Hammond Manrico Seghi organ and Giovanni Paolo Liguori on drums . The repertoire mostly comes from the compositional vein of Francesco Giustini , in the continuous search for a balance between tradition and experimentation.

Wednesday 31 July 9.30pm concert - Alessandro Verniani q.tet. Emanuele Parrini: violin, Tony Cattano: trombone, Amedeo Verniani: double bass, Pierluigi Foschi: drums. Two. is the first studio work, released by Fonterossa Records, by double-bass player Amedeo Verniani. The compositions draw inspiration from literature and art. In particular from the writings of Egon Schiele, Franz Kafka and Vladimir Majakovskij. Improvisation, a distinctive trait of the four musicians, completes the characteristic sound picture of the group.

Friday, August 2 21:30 Peter Sabatini & Co. Presentation of the new CD. Pietro Sabatini: voice, guitar, bouzouki, Francesco Giomi: drums, Lorenzo Frangini: bass. Pietro Sabatini, former Whiskey Trail (34 years of activity, 11 CDs, concerts throughout Italy and Europe), Peter Cam, Meeting etc., in addition to propose a concert where pieces from his solo production are performed, such as "Dark & White" and "Aurelia Allargata" (dedicated to its Maremma-Livorno territory and both released in 2016), offers new songs from the new double CD "Past and Present / Past & Present" released May 30, 2019. Concert of "thinking and social engagement songs performed with brilliance and lightness".


Other events on Friday 21 June :

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