Show with the dancer Gaia Scuderi

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Address: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi , Florence

Date: Tuesday 02 July 2019



from 21.30 - Free entry

Dance evening with

Gaia Scuderi

The Fiorino sull'Arno (Lungarno Pecori Giraldi - Florence, near the Ponte di San Niccolò; reservations 333 9222943), open-air restaurant offering seven days a week , is back throughout the summer until September, good music and quality entertainment, along with excellent pizzas and other culinary specialties, especially Mediterranean; after dinner you can have the comforts of a well-stocked bar. Not just night space: the bar is open from 9am to midnight ; from 7pm an aperitif will be set; from 20 you have dinner . All in a very pleasant space, in the midst of old trees that protect from the summer heat. The shows start at 9.30pm and are always free .

Tuesday, July 2nd at 9.30 pm the stage hosts the famous dancer Gaia Scuderi and her team: oriental choreography, belly dancing in the head, but not only. For years it was not uncommon to meet his fascinating spectacle on the summer city stages, but lately Gaia Scuderi is granted with much more parsimony. Opportunity not to be missed, then.

Dancer and choreographer, Arab expressive dance teacher at Opus Ballet, she began studying dance in 1981 following classical, contemporary and Graham dance classes at the Daria Collin school (the Dutch dancer with which Cristina Bozzolini perfected herself). At the same time he completed his artistic training by studying opera singing, piano and solfeggio at the Vito Frazzi School. Since 1990, with the "Teatro dell 'Arcano" by Kassim Bayathly and Roberta Bongini, he has been involved in Arabic dance and continues to improve in classical, modern and flamenco, with Angela Mugnai, Daniel Tinazzi, Rosanna Brocanello, Claudio Iavarone, creating a his very personal style.

Since 1994 he has performed in the best theaters in the Peninsula (including Teatro Studio in Scandicci, Teatro Puccini in Florence, Limonaia in Villa Strozzi, Teatro di Rifredi, Teatro Verdi in Florence, Teatro Stabile in Potenza, Teatro Rossetti in Vasto, Teatro Dams in Bologna, Building of Reggio Emilia, stable theater of Urbino). Even better known is abroad, where she appeared, among other things, at the World Theater Festival at the Damascus Opera Theater, at the International Theater Festival at the Marakesch Royal Theater, at the Tortosa International Festival (Spain) , at contemporary art exhibitions at the Heildeberg Town Hall and in Luxembourg, she was a guest of the Arab Cultural Association in Belgium and guest of honor at the National Theater Festival in Libya.

Tuesday 2nd July 9.30pm dance - Gaia Scuderi. Well-known dancer, specialized in oriental dances (Arabic expressive dance teacher at Opus Ballet) and contemporary dance.

Wednesday 3 July 9.30pm concert - Threeoniric. Claudio Ingletti : tenor sax and flute, Filippo Pedol: double bass, Stefano Rapicavoli: drums. The group's repertoire explores the essential and psychedelic sonorities offered by trio training without piano. The deep musical and human understanding created between the three musicians gives rise to a sincere music in which the rhythmic session and the sax constantly dialogue with each other experimenting different musical situations. A musical journey through original compositions, standards and oneiric improvisations.

Thursday 4 July 9.30pm concert - Tremulaterra feat. DanzeassuD. Stefano Lombardo (accordion and voice), Biagio Mele (tambourine and voice); dance performances by Annalisa Prota. Salento folk music that, with the spontaneity and the goliardia typical of dance parties, proposes a wide repertoire of stornelli, polyphonic songs in stisa, waltz, mazurke and pizzica pizzica. Artists who drew heavily from the mastery of historical voices of the Salento tradition such as Uccio Aloisi and Pino Zimba and reproduce their sounds with simplicity and without contamination. The concert is animated by DanzeassuD choreography.

Friday 5 July at 21.30 concert the stage hosts an exceptional trio, one formed by Stefano Corsi (Celtic harp) & Paolo Lamuraglia (electric guitar), "historical" exponents of the music of the last forty years (already with Whiskey Trail), completed by the daughter of the first.

Saturday 6 July 9.30pm concert - Musía trio with the voice of Susan Gagliano. A mixture of joy and refinement Susan Gagliano, American vocalist, and the two excellent Tuscan musicians Tommaso Poli on guitar and Filippo Martelli at the piano, propose a musical journey that selects the flower from the Seventies until today.

Sunday 7th July 9.00pm Evening organized by Tango Florido - La Milonga del Fiorino. Sunday is dedicated to an event that is now a must among the tangueros: the Milonga del Fiorino , always very crowded and arrived in the sixth season. A now historic space, with a typical "milonghero" flavor: tandas y cortinas music, wooden platform, free entry. Musicalized each week by a different specialist. Respect for the patrol and other couples on the track is required. Info: 347 6596066.


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