Massimo di Maggio Trio

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Address: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi , Florence

Date: Wednesday 04 July 2018


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Massimo di Maggio Trio

Comeback Special

Massimo Di Maggio: Rhytm Guitar and voice: Simone Di Maggio: Lead Guitar and voice; Tommaso Faglia: Double Bass

Free admission

Il Fiorino sull'Arno (Lungarno Pecori Giraldi - Florence, info and reservations for restaurant 333 9119535 ) is back for the whole summer , an outdoor venue that offers good quality music and entertainment seven days a week , along with excellent pizzas and other culinary specialties, especially Mediterranean and a well-stocked bar. Dinner is always from 20 , from 19 will also be prepared an aperitif. All in a very pleasant space, in the middle of old trees that protect from the summer heat. The concerts usually start at 9.30pm and are free admission .

Wednesday, July 4 at 21.30 the stage hosts Massimo di Maggio Trio - Comeback Special. Massimo Di Maggio: Rhytm Guitar and voice: Simone Di Maggio: Lead Guitar and voice; Tommaso Faglia: Double Bass. Already an element of Di Maggio Bros, Massimo di Maggio presents himself this time with his son Simone and with another element of the explosive band of the latter (The Astrophonix) for an evening full of rock'n'roll.

Born on April 10, 1959 in Florence, Massimo began very young to take an interest in the world of Rock'n'Roll, forming in 1977 at 18 his first band, The Sharks, with which he highlights his innate vocal talents, presenting initially a repertoire composed of songs by Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran and other heroes of the 50's scene, including some original compositions written by him. The band's path is very fast and the musical activity soon spread along the peninsula, culminating in 1979 with the concert at the famous "Bussoladomani" tent by Sergio Bernardini, patron of the legendary local "La Bussola" in Focette in Versilia. After a long break, he founded in late 1996 with his brother Marco, the legendary combo "The Di MaggioBros.", One of the most influential bands in the history of Rockabilly between the '90s and the 2000s. The creation of the first CD of the band, "Rockabilly from the boots up", recorded at the Tam-Tam studio in Cesena in late 1997, immediately attracts the attention of the American "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" in the person of the president Bob Timmers, who after a phone call from Nashville, offers himself as a co-producer of the album The overseas response is literally extraordinary. With a little luck, DiMaggio Bros. could become the Stray Cats of 2000. With them Rockabilly music can really express itself at great levels. "(Bob Timmers.) In Rockabilly from the boots up, Massimo's voice reaches the highest levels of interpretation in the legendary performances of King Creole, Little Cabin on the Hill and the original Sad and Blue. The positive reviews of overseas press are wasted.

The voice of Massimo , defined by someone as "Elvis who meets Johnny Cash on the street", always gathers more support. The definitive consecration is the participation in the big event in July 2002 at "50's Rockin 'Fest" in Oneida, Greenbay in Wisconsin where Massimo performs with the Bros. (the only Italian band), sharing the stage with giants of the history of Rock'n 'Roll.

In 2004 Massimo flies to England, this time not with the Bros but with the Astrophonix, the band of Simone Di Maggio his talented son. A context of great prestige, in which Massimo Di Maggio and The Astrophonix, are called to open the concert of Little Richard and in addition to presenting their show accompany a friend, that Charlie Gracie (one who made the Ed Sullivan Show!) . In the rest of the activity, in a tour made up of tours, compilations and dates in many countries, we arrive in 2006, when the band enters the studio for the realization of the last official project of the band. When i hit my stride.


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