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Address: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi , Florence

Date: Friday 10 August 2018


Fiorino sull'Arno

Lungarno Pecori Giraldi - Florence

Back to the first ten days of September Il Fiorino sull'Arno (Lungarno Pecori Giraldi - Florence, info and reservations 333 9119535 ), an outdoor venue that offers seven days a week good music and quality entertainment, along with excellent pizzas and other specialties culinary, especially Mediterranean and a well-stocked bar.

Also open for most of the day, as well as in the evening, it is a great catalyst for young (especially) and adult audiences; between diurnal and evening patrons, there can also be a thousand people, during the day.

It is not just a bar-restaurant with background music, but a stage on which they have alternated in the past seasons also prominent names in the Italian music scene and sometimes even abroad, all exclusively for free admission.

You always have dinner from 20 , from 19 aperitif. All in a very pleasant space, in the middle of old trees that protect from the summer heat.

The concerts start at 9.30pm and are free admission .

Also this year the Fiorino sull'Arno offers assorted music programming, with thematic reviews: one day a week has been reserved for " Fiorino in jazz ", an exhibition curated by Ferdinando Romano who in the first edition, last year, brought a selection of jazz musicians to the stage ( with great success we have performed Fabio Morgera, Gianmarco Scaglia and Fabrizio Mocata together with Wertico, Stefano Rapicavoli, Dario Cecchini, Cosimo Marchese, Marco Poggiolesi). Sunday is dedicated to an event that is now a must among the tangueros: the Milonga del Fiorino , always crowded. The bill until September is almost ready.

Naturally, the World Cup matches were projected on giant screen, with great public competition: even in this case the club proved to be a place of festive aggregation.

Tuesday, July 24 at 9 pm Appocun trio - tribute to Pino Daniele. The AppocunTrio returns with their homage to the great Pino Daniele, a trio in acoustic dimension that has enchanted more than 500 people in the 2016 edition of Prato Estate. The training will retrace many of the many successes of the golden age of the artist Partenopeo, rearranged with medley and personal solutions. Giacomo Ballerini: Vox, - Classic & Acoustic Guitars; Mirko Verrengia: Acoustic Bass; David Salvatori: Kajon & Percussions

Wednesday 25 July hours 21 Fiorino in Jazz presents Francesco Fiorenzani "Silent Water". Francesco Fiorenzani: guitar, Luca Sguera: piano, Francesco Ponticelli: double bass, Bernardo Guerra: drums. The project stems from the desire to give shape to a musical journey that summarizes the experiences of the leader and members of the group. The legacy of "A Love Supreme" by Coltrane, is ideally always present and the influences of the New York scene from the Nineties to today are strong, in the harmonious and melodic choices of the pieces; sources of inspiration are also works by artists such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Binney, Ambrose Akinmusire. Thus emerges from the composition of the group a strong presence of cantabile themes, supported by refined and complex harmonies, which create a connection between what jazz was and what could be. There will also be surprise guests!

Thursday, July 26 at 21 concert of the Wyedean Scool orchestra at 22 concert by Jon Boutellier (sax), Simone Basile (guitar), Ferdinando Romano (double bass), Giovanni Paolo Liguori (drums). Jon Boutellier, grew up as a child in the Jazz à Vienne festival environment, then studying in Lyon, Lausanne and the CNSM in Paris. In Paris himself develops the taste of writing that leads him to create with his friends Fred Nardin, Bastien Ballaz and David Enhco, the Keystone Big-Band. The orchestra has collaborated with great names such as Quincy Jones, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Liz McComb, Gregory Porter, Kellylee Evans, Zaz ... He collaborates with numerous projects in the world of cinema and teaches harmony at the Lyon Conservatory, as well as collaborating with numerous great artists of the French and international scene. Next to him is a group formed by Simone Basile, Ferdinando Romano and Giovanni Paolo Liguori, young musicians but already rich in experiences in jazz and beyond.

Friday, July 27 at 21 Mariano Di Nunzio Walking Quartet . Mariano Di Nunzio trumpet, live electronics (compositions and arrangements); Luigi Di Chiappari piano, live electronics; Amedeo Ronga double bass, live electronics; Daniele Fusi drums. Modern jazz, open and dynamic, at times unprejudiced, with large improvised spaces but also strong anchorage to writing, to the sense of the collective. They present the album "Day By Day" which not only confirms Di Nunzio's trumpet as one of the most engaging on the national scene, but also reveals the remarkable compositional and design skills of the musician.

Saturday, July 28th at 21.00 Whiskey Trail trio. Pietro Sabatini : voice, guitar, bouzouki , Nico Grassi: guitar, voice, Samuel Pellegrini : bass, voice.

Sunday, July 29 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday, July 30th at 9.30 pm the concert by Francesco Taskayali, the young Italian-Turkish pianist, whose fourth album, "Wayfaring", a week after its launch entered the 64th position among the 100 best-selling albums in Italy, is recovered. December 2017 debuted with a sold-out at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. He has represented Italy on several occasions: in 2012 performing in Caracas with the El Sistema orchestra, on June 2 in Berlin for the celebrations of the Italian Republic Day and in 2016 in Los Angeles for the Music Festival. On December 28th 2016 he was hosted in the Nino Surguladze charity concert in Tbilisi broadcast live on television Georgiana and in his solo career he has performed in more than 15 countries in the world.

Tuesday, July 31 New Burma trio. Joy De Vito: guitar; Silvio Angiolucci: double bass; Alessandro Benedetti: drums. A jazz guitarist who, with his own style, manages to attract the attention of the listener.


Wednesday, August 1 at 21.30 concert Ferdinando Romano Q.tet

Thursday 2 August at 21.30 concert- Trio Carmelindo

Friday, August 3 at 21.00 - Daniele Locchi presents: 80.doc


Saturday 4 August at 21.30 Roberta Carrese concert . 24 years old, born in Venafro (Isernia), is the last of five brothers. He lives in Rome, where he studies cinema, television and new media. He plays guitar, drums, ukulele and piano. At "The Voice of Italy" the young singer-songwriter, who has earned her the nickname of "Black Pearl", immediately showed herself, measuring herself in various musical genres. He started with a cover of Patto Pravo's amazing Thought and gathered the four coaches' consent in a few seconds. He chose the team of Pelù with the conviction that it was the most suitable to transform his passion into a profession. Thus, from phase to phase, she reached the final and, even if she did not win, she still earned a second position.



Sunday, August 5 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday, August 6 video art

Tuesday, August 7 at 21.30 concert The Lads

Wednesday 8 August at 21.30 concert - The Sycamore

Thursday, August 9 at 21.30 concert Ilaria Maré: voice; Paolo Rafanelli: guitars; Alessandro Geri: double bass; Michele Andriola: drums.

Friday, August 10 at 9.30 pm the liberation of the city is celebrated in 1944 with Rodolfo Banchelli : songs and choreographies inspired by Florence, passing from Spadaro to other authors who wrote important songs about the city of the dome. With Fabio Vannini on piano and Cinzia Daloiso.

Saturday 11th August at 9.30 pm concert - Michele Biondi

Sunday, August 12 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday, August 13 video art

Tuesday, August 14 video art

Wednesday, August 15 at 21.30 Ferragosto at the Fiorino with the concert of Mintcho Garrammone, and Argentine composer and multi-instrumentalist. Mintcho Garrammone has developed a unique style combining Brazilian roots and Argentine folklore with a modern and revolutionary approach. He plays the guitar Baiana the cavaquinho and the padeiro. It moves between musical genres such as milonga and Choros, mixing traditions with technology in a mix of great intensity. After ten years in Brazil he returned to live in Buenos Aires and on this trip to Europe he went to the discovery of his Italian origins.

Thursday, August 16th - video art

Friday, August 17 - video art

Saturday 18th August - video art

Sunday, August 19 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday 20 August - video art



Tuesday 21st August at 9.30pm concert - Second Apartment. Guido Legnaioli (voice and guitar), Giuliana Ancillotti (keyboards and pads), Andrea Gabrielli (bass), Martina Agnoletti (voice and oboe) and Marco Santini (drums). The rhythms of the Second Apartment belong to the typical folk tradition, mixed with the sounds and the structure of the English "ballad". Their lyrics are inspired by the Italian songwriting tradition, while remaining in search of new ways of communication of thought. The Second Apartment is an ideal refuge for anyone who does not feel adequate to the world in which he lives, or at least he does not see it in the same way as the society around him. Winners of the Sete Sois Sete Luas Award 2012; Lucca Summer Winners Young July 2012; Semi Finalists Rock Contest 2012; Finalists Prize Fabrizio De André 2013.Folk refined, passion for stories - above all those 'out of the ordinary' - and involving rhythms: these are the ingredients of the Second Apartment. The five elements, coming from different musical backgrounds and all multi-instrumentalists, create a sound universe that does not lack clear references - the new British / American folk style and the Italian singer-songwriting tradition - but escapes the large containers, giving life to a sound unique and engaging and to texts full of meaning, halfway between real and imaginary.



Wednesday, August 22 at 21.30 concert - Francesco Giustini trio

Thursday, August 23 at 21.30 concert - Pietro Sabatini & co. Pietro Sabatini: voice, guitar, bouzouki; Francesco Giomi: drums; Samuel Pellegrini: bass, voice. Pietro Sabatini, former Whiskey Trail ( 34 years of activity, 11 CDs, concerts throughout Italy and Europe) , Peter Cam, Meeting etc., as well as proposing a concert where pieces from his soloist production are performed, in particular from "Dark & ​​White" and "Aurelia Allargata" ( dedicated to his territory Maremma-Livorno and both released in 2016), also offers the song / video "Le Belle Partigiane " Dedicated to all the Partisan women of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Friday, August 24 at 21.30 concert Musia trio

Saturday, August 25 at 21.30 concert Nicola Genovese trio. Nicola M. Genovese: piano, guitar and voice; Renato Cantini: trumpet and electronics; Michele Staino: double bass. A multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who tells our time with arrangements of jazz flavor. The texts, whether in Italian, Spanish, English or French, with elegance and disenchantment go to tickle the mind and ignite the reflections, without ever being long-winded.

Sunday, August 26 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday, August 27th - video art

Tuesday, August 28 at 21.30 concert Marco Di Maggio duo . Marco Di Maggio: guitar and vocals; Matteo Giannetti: double bass. Rock'n'roll and rockabilly with a duo that looks like an orchestra.

Wednesday 29 August at 21.30 concert - Ottanelli / Rizzo / Benedetti / Brilli - Tribute to Mingus

Thursday, August 30 at 21.30 concert - Giulia Galliani Mag Collective: Song for Joni

Friday, August 31 at 21.30 concert - NEA


Saturday, September 1 at 21.30 concert of Botte di Cool : two of the best known Italian jazz musicians, the baritonist Dario Cecchini and trumpeter Fabio Morgera , give life to a quartet that re-presents the classics of the Cool Jazz in their original version. Supported by the excellent rhythm formed by the bassist Guido Zorn and the drummer Alessandro Fabbri , the two fiatists exalt their qualities of instrumentalists and arrangers already demonstrated with their respective formations, Funk Off and Natural Revolution Orchestra, and that here they give life to a the kind of music that depopulated during the Fifties and which united the world of Afro-American music with that of European classical music: the Cool Jazz. They will play songs taken from the historical recording of Birth of the Cool by Miles Davis, the quartet by Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, Oliver Nelson, Lennie Tristano and others.

Sunday, September 2 from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.

Monday 3 September - video art

Tuesday, September 4 at 9.30 pm - Crop with wings

Wednesday, September 5 at 21.30 Simone Alessandrini presents "Storyellers": it is the debut album of the young saxophonist and composer Simone Alessandrini , released for the label Parco della Musica Records on November 17, 2017, which immediately woke the attention of critics specialized.

Thursday, September 6 at 21.30 concert of Bassamusica , or the accordionist Pasquale Rimolo and the singer, guitarist and percussionist Arianna Romanella. Frame and accordion drums, wood and rattles, reeds and skins. Colors, smells, passions, illusions flow along the spontaneous union created by the ordered path of the notes and by the strokes inserted with mastery. Harmony and understanding emerge spontaneous, arrogant, taking by hand anyone who lets himself be captured by the energy of music.

Friday, September 7 at 21.30 Rodolfo Banchelli brings a concentrate of his « Don Milani . The Musical " , a show inspired by his school, his way of conceiving society and life. The signature and the interpreter Rodolfo Banchelli , staged with Cinzia Daloiso; at the piano Fabio Vannini.

Saturday 8 September at 21.30 concert: music and folk dances with Italica. Francesco Cofone: voice & guitar; Egidio De Lorenzo: guitar; Antonio Mereu: bass el .; Piero Masi: battery; Ivan Maraia: accordion; Angela Benestà and Rosy Polimeni; voice & dance.

Sunday 9 September from 21 La Milonga del Fiorino. Evening by Tango Florido.


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