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Local summer overlooking Florence
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Name: Flò Lounge Bar

Address: Piazzale Michelangelo, 84 , Florence

Tel: +39055581736 - +393293627079

Email: flo@firenzefare.it



Opening Summer 2016: Thursday, May 12. For info: 3293627079 to 055664541

From Thursday, May 12, 2016, until the end of September, back Flò, the local summer of Florence, located at Piazzale Michelangelo, with a totally new look, and with a breathtaking panoramic view.

Open every evening (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from the end of May).

With its parade of one-night seasoned with DJ sets, cocktails buffet, drinks and much more, in the usual seven days of formula 7. Free admission with optional drink. It is mandatory the reservation to reserve the table for the appetizer buffet, served for dinner, or for the tables after dinner.

Parking Piazzale Michelangelo.

Entrance reserved for adults with selection for clothing.

Open daily from 19.30 Flò Florence offers you the possibility to enjoy a drink prepared by our skilled bartenders and accompanied by our rich buffet renovated for the new season.

From 22.30 warms the atmosphere, people go wild to the rhythm of music until late at night. Console curated by our talented resident DJs and the internationally renowned guests who will take turns during the course of the season.

The unique and charming location in which it is immersed, designer furnishings, classic but with a modern twist.

Amiable and relaxed atmosphere in which to let "rocked" by the chill-out notes of the early evening and linger until late at night with the lively rhythms of the DJ on duty. All in a frame designed by Florence and its breathtaking views.

From 19:30 to 22:30 with an aperitif in the common dinner buffet. If you want a foothold booking is required.

An alternative solution to that of the common buffet is the possibility to reserve an exclusive area that includes a buffet that only you have access and where one of the first hot dishes will be served by our waiters and impiattato. In addition, rather than having just one drink, you will have to water and wine table and the ability to add the sweet.

In summary here are three alternatives that we offer for the appetizer:
(Further down the page shows the menu for both the town and the private buffet)

1) No foothold, shared buffet, optional drink. No need to book for this option.
(Drinks from the bar at a cost of 10 €)

2) Private support table until about 23:15 hours, with a seat for every two people + buffet + a common cocktail per person. Cost per person from Sunday to Wednesday, 15 €, cost per person from Thursday to Saturday 18 €. By reservation only. For a minimum of six people. You can also add cake and sparkling wine at an additional cost of 5 € per person.

3) To support table until about 23:15 hours, with seating for all private + buffet + water and a bottle of wine every 4 persons. Cost per person from Sunday to Wednesday, 25 €, cost per person from Thursday to Saturday 30 € (30 € in deliver personalized cake is already included). For a minimum of ten people. You can also add cake and sparkling wine at an additional cost of 5 € per person.

Or ... dinner served Flo:

The cost will be € 40 with a fixed menu of meat, € 45 from a set menu of fish. reserved table until about 23:15 hours

Tables for the after dinner:
The table after dinner disco will be reserved from 23:30 until the end of the evening at a cost of € 30,00 per person. The price includes 1 bottle of brandy every 6 persons, chosen from gin, vodka, rum served with your favorite soft drink, or 1 bottle of champagne accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit plateau. And book 'mandatory.


For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)

Weekly programming:

The week will start on Monday, with "Latin Flo", the night when the Latin rhythms are the masters. Cuban and Puerto Rican salsa, reggaeton and other Caribbean dances will color Mondays summer night.

Tuesday will be "Mamacitas", new evening dedicated to the music reggaeton / latin / hip-hop.

Wednesday titled "Chef & Vinyls", with an evening at times to relive the golden years of the 70s and 80s disco music. 23 away from the DJ set with happy music and oldschool.

E 'on Thursday that Flò will wear her best dress with a newcomer sold out. It will be called "Bootleg" and announce it seems like one-night Florence par excellence. The Tuscan jet set, the Club House music selected from a roster of national and international DJs (the resident Marco Bertani in the forefront) and many partnerships with the most exclusive restaurants in Italy, in addition to a staff of animation breathtaking. Waiting for ...

Friday will be "GLAM", with soulful music and glam house for one night traits chic and metropolitan punctuated by a set of Lady vocalist.

Fever Saturday flows instead with "FLOVE". The formula? aperitif with live sets, toast and follow R'n'B music, entertainment on the cubes and a happy continuation-house from the cosmopolitan flavor. FLOVE, for a Flò everything to love.

Sunday will instead "AperItalia": evening at one hundred percent tricolor, built on a grand buffet enriched with live music and DJ sets Italian style. Special occasional performers Walter & Dido.

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)


The menu in detail:

Buffet menu common:

Black rice salad with salmon and peas
Cherry mozzarella
octopus salad with mussels with crispy vegetables
Cold pasta with Sicilian pesto
salted or Crostini with tomato pies
grilled vegetables
Eggplant caponata
farro salad
Cubes with cold meats
Surimi salad and sun-dried tomatoes
stuffed buns
Mozzarella cheese with herbs
Tuna and potatoes with marjoram
Mosaic of vegetables
chicken or turkey salad
Corner of salads
mixed fried

Warm dishes:
Great Seafood Paella

Homemade pasta with plum, basil and burrata

turkey strips

Buffet menu Private:

mistaCrostini Cod vegetables

Carpaccio of salmon with julienne fennel and oranges
Vol-au-vent with mascarpone cream and salmon roe
shrimp salad with cherry tomatoes and olives
Carpaccio of bresaola with rocket and Parmesan
caponatina summer
flakes of Parmesan cheese
octopus Trapani
Ham and melon
mixed fried
salad Venus
Chicken salad
Buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
roast beef
smoked red tuna with oil and lemon

Warm dishes:
Homemade plum, basil and burrata
Crespella summer vegetables

mignon pastry

Dinner served typical Tuscan

Selection of Tuscan salami with small pieces of seasoned cheese and bruschetta seeds of bread in cool summer

Great grilled:
We will serve a Mixed Grill, Meat White and red, with a careful cooking of our chefs. A mosaic of seasonal vegetables and baked potato pearls will surround.

Mignon pastry selection and fresh fruit in season

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)


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