Flower at the Piazzale, a month in jazz

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Address: Piazzale Michelangelo , Florence

Date: Wednesday 07 August 2019


Flower at the Piazzale, a month in jazz: all the concerts in August
on the terrace overlooking Florence

Young musicians and established names of the city scene alternate on stage
of Piazzale Michelangelo: live performances every evening from sunset to after dinner
It begins Saturday 3 August with the debut of Esher Quintet

The festival Visioni Jazz at the Flower at Piazzale comes alive: every evening of the month of August young musicians and established names of the city panorama will alternate on stage with views of Florence, in Piazzale Michelangelo. First set 19.30-20.30, second set 21.30-22.30, with the possibility (and invitation) to participate directly in the jam session by the public. All appointments are free.

It begins Saturday, August 3 with Esher Quintet , an avant-garde jazz quintet that plays unpublished pieces written ad hoc for the ensemble by some important names in the Florentine jazz area and beyond. On stage among others Franco Baggiani on trumpet, Gianni Zei on guitar and Stefano Negri on sax. This is the first release of the quintet, which debuts at the Flower in Piazzale.

Sunday 4 comes the Sunflower ensemble, in which stands the voice of Bianca de Astis, who boasts collaborations with Zucchero, Irene Grandi and Roy Paci. The repertoire ranges from classic international funk to the pearls of Italian music revisited in a jazz key.

Monday, August 5 will be the turn of the Speakeasy Trio : voice (Luciana Capasso), guitar (Luigi Gallucci) and double bass (Michele Staino) for a repertoire that echoes the great American tradition. A journey made of swing, blues and bossa nova, relived in an intimate and warm interpretation.

On Tuesday 6th August Claudia Valastro on vocals and Giovanni Cifariello on guitar will accompany the Flower evening with bossanova and Brazilian music classics, for a few hours of Latin copyright music.

On Wednesday, August 7, the trio Allulli Bonamico Barsanti : original compositions, written and arranged in six hands, characterized by a modern and ample sound, as well as revisitations of jazz standards. The experiments and the expressive research of this formation come from the experiences in different musical fields of the single components.

Thursday, August 8th will be held the first of the appointments of Tarabaralla, an exhibition of Florentine starlings with surprise guests, a show that traces the history of the folk songs of the Tuscan tradition from the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, up to the songwriting by Odoardo Spadaro, passing through the work songs of the late nineteenth century. Also scheduled for Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August , starting at 19.30.

Friday 9th August the music returns with the Francesco Gabrielli Quartet . Francesco Gabrielli proposes compositions that represent real reflections on the world that surrounds him translated into music: his songs tell lived stories, facts or people who have captured his attention, pushing him to transmit its essence.

Throughout the season, Flower at Piazzale will offer a 100% Tuscan menu , both on the food and wine and liqueur fronts, also for mixology use, favoring PDO and PGI products representative of Tuscan excellence. On the menu: croutons, cold cuts and cheeses, maxi salads, refreshing centrifuges and - for the first time - pizza, with long levitation dough.

ART in progress is a non-profit association that has among its objectives the creation of projects for leisure and entertainment, designed from time to time taking into account the social and cultural realities of the territories with which it intends to interact .

Flower is the acronym of the motto we have chosen for the project: For living on a wonderful ecological resource. The idea is to be able to live an experience in an environment that takes into account its natural potential while respecting the environment itself. Ecology understood not only with reference to nature, but also to the way of living it, participating together in its possibilities in respect of social and cultural diversity.


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