Florentine Summer_Dai migrants in Pasolini, week 17-22 July

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Address: Piazzale Michelangelo , Florence

Date: Wednesday 18 July 2018


From migrants to Pasolini, the week of the Flower to the Piazzale
Among books, live music and talk shows with views of Florence

The appointment with Book Flower returns tomorrow, with the dialogue between Ilaria Guidantoni and Izzedin Elzir
Wednesday 18 literary / theatrical journey with the Nuovi del Niccolini
Thursday 19 the prof. Magris compared with the historic Gozzini on the concept of freedom
Weekend of concerts, from jazz to pop to Renaissance music

Many guests and a different appointment every night of the week: the program of the Flower, summer space with a view to Piazzale Michelangelo, opens Tuesday, July 17 with " Florence heart of the Mediterranean ", new meeting of the "Book Flower" cycle, the exhibition dedicated to books in collaboration with La Nottola di Minerva. Tomorrow in the summer lounge of Florence Ilaria Guidantoni , author of the book " Viaggio di ritorno. Florence tells its story "(Oltre Edizioni), will dialogue with Izzedin Elzir , guide of the Florentine Islamic Community (6.30 pm, free admission).

Wednesday, July 18 at the start the new review "The time of literature", by the Teatro della Toscana, four moments dedicated to four great masterpieces of those housed in the school memory, brought on stage by I Nuovi del Niccolini, the group of graduates of the Orazio Costa School of the Foundation, engaged since March 2018 in the management of the Teatro Niccolini. The first of the three events is dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini , re-read at the anniversary of 1968. There is no more controversial year, perhaps, for Pasolini, there is no year in which his conscience was more disturbed by the choices of field, from measurements of facts. A dramatized reading that retraces, with the gaze of the young man of today, that Pasolini so problematic (21 hours, free admission).

Thursday, July 19, the Talk (Radio) Show "This is Florence" returns, a series of meetings conceived by Controradio in collaboration with La Nave di Teseo editrice. At this tour the journalist Raffaele Palumbo will interview the author Francesco Magris and the historian Giovanni Gozzini . Francesco Magris is full professor at the François Rabelais University of Tours (France) and author of several essays including Tornaconti. Economics, literature and daily paradoxes in the global market age (2006), Topology for economics (2006), Economy in Pocket (2012), Competition in scientific research (2012) and Al margin (2015). In the last essay " Total Freedom " Francesco Magris guides us to the discovery and analysis of the social and political phenomena that most characterize this era, offering answers to questions that often we are not yet able to ask ourselves. The talk show is broadcast live on Controradio radio and on web TV on the Controradio Firenze Facebook page, streamed on the website www.controradio.it and on the Controradio app (21 hours, free admission).

Friday, July 20, space to music, in the intimate context of the cycle "And I among you", which leads to the Flower at Piazzale Silvia Conti . Icon of the local pop, already protagonist in Castrocaro and then on the stage of Sanremo, trod in 1985 with new Moon; always close to the art that has never abandoned, both as a musician and as an actress, Silvia Conti has published last year a new album, Barefoot , also the result of the all-round association with Bob Mangione, where he tells pieces of his life and his recent thoughts. At the Flower brings what he can best do, that is to be among people and play (21 hours, free admission).

Saturday , July 21 , however, will be the turn of Beatriz Oyarzabal duo , for the cycle dedicated to street artists, with a live performance based on classical and Renaissance music (21 hours, free admission).

Sunday, July 22nd to close the week will be the Sunday Night Jazz , with the big trio composed by Jacopo Martini on guitar, Franco Nesti on vocals and double bass and Alessandro Fabbri on drums (21 hours, free admission).

The kiosk in wood and iron from the nineteenth-century references of the Flower to the Piazzale is open every day for breakfasts with views, lunches, refreshing snacks, aperitifs and dinners by amblé, "sandwich" known in the city for the attention to the environment, to the ingredients of short supply chain and recycling, starting from recycled paper packaging. No plastic (even straws are bio) and waste to a minimum.

ART in progress is a non-profit association that has among its objectives the creation of projects for leisure and entertainment, designed from time to time taking into account the social and cultural realities of the territories with which it intends to interact .

Flower is the acronym of the motto we have chosen for the project: For living on a wonderful ecological resource. The idea is to be able to live an experience in an environment that takes into account its natural potentials while respecting the environment itself. Ecology understood not only in reference to nature, but also in the way of living it, participating together with its possibilities in respect of social and cultural diversity.


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