Festival of soup 2016

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Date: Friday 22 July 2016



and lots of other goodies (?) to the

Festival of soup 2016
With the loving participation of Reality Bites Festival
46th edition - from Fri 15 to Sun 17 and Mon 21 to Sun 24 July
Square August 23 - Massarella - Fucecchio - Florence
free admission

To celebrate the Palio just conquered, for the excellent concerts, for the goodies that run on the tables ...

There are good reasons to venture to the Festival of Soup 2016, a miracle of exhibition that gathers 46 years of gourmant crowds. And for some time now also hosts concerts of Reality Bites Festival: special proposals Calcutta type, Verano, Appaloosa, Cosmo, Pallets but also Statute, Bluebeaters and, last but not least a, Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea.

All with free admission (no show-case of pots, promised), all at Massarella Fucecchio, between Florence and Pisa, all offered by the indefatigable Contrada Massarella Spontaneous Group of Initiative, from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 and Thursday 21 to Sunday July 24.

Contrada Massarella that for those who have not understood, has brought home the latest edition of the Palio di Fucecchio. We had already said? Oh well, we reiterate.

Therefore, the music: starting Friday 15 with pop / house alchemy of Cosmo, former frontman and leader of Drink To Me, but above all the author of an album "The utima party" hailed as an oracle, and pressed to pallissima network as in radio. Perfect pairing with the synth-pop of Paletti, the other guest of the evening, he too complacent with the recent "Here and now."

Saturday 16 come two deans of the upbeat rhythm, the Bluebeaters, with their solar rocksteady and an album "Everybody Knows" and the ' "Love Class" of the Statute, paragraph (fist?) Stopped the flag mod.

Long live the disturbance and their indie pop Quality: the recent "The stories we tell ourselves," confirms the metamorphosis in recent years. And welcome Landlord: we have seen them even at the last X-Factor and have finally published the debut ep "Aside", confirming the electronic folk-pop nature. Go along Sunday, July 17, also in Massarella.

Thursday 21 is staged the "Evening massigiana", the great festival of the district each year becomes strolling players, comedians and comedians many characters and unsuspecting citizens of the Contrada. It is not clear who is never good on stage and those below but fun, what, is assured.

Are noise, they are post-rock, are tribal .... From Livorno with a lot of grit coming Friday 22 Appallosa the ineffable, three large decades of history and a new album, "Bab", which marks the turning electronics. With them the Bolognese Other B and Bao Bab Klan.

To taste the legendary soup arrive Saturday 23 two musical revelations of last season. If the Italian looks to indie pop merit and also and above all of Calcutta, who last album "Mainstream" sings pontine trips, real or imagined love affairs and little things that will also happen to you. In St. Vincent and the Beach House is inspired songwriting instead the dream pop of Verano, sweet and mild "red-haired girl", it is his time.

It closes to the great Sunday, July 24 with Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea, a tutelary deity of the songwriting and one of the most lyrical and creative pianists today. The ladder is traveling on the wave of improvisation and, above all, emotions. Magnificent understood where relive cornerstones of song, Italian and more.

And yet, dj-set opening aperitif and DJ set to dance at the end of concerts. It is recommended as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi, the soup is with you all! Yet good music.

THE FESTIVAL OF SOUP - The Festival of Soup dates back to 1971 when some young massigiani gathered in the Spontaneous Group of Initiative under the leadership of Don Duilio Rogaziani with the aim of creating an event that rivitalizzasse the millennial town of Massarella. Focus on the soup was not a random choice: it was and remains a traditional Tuscan dish that originates from farming families and Massarella, situated on the rolling hills of Cerbaie overlooking the plain of the Padule, had deep roots in the cultivation of land and marshes.

The festival was held originally in September for the feast of Our Lady, Patroness of Massarella. The first editions were held in just one day of Sunday and the soup was distributed in the afternoon in the square below the Millennial Church, the same day the ancient games were held among massigiani and suonavono orchestras square.

Over the editions also they increased the days, as they were going up on stage more and more important artists. Later the festival was brought forward to July to allow a wider swing, but the formula, one has never changed: the legendary soup, free shows and dinners with lots of fun in the same square XXIII August.

The Festival of Soup performed Silvan, Sabani, Panariello, Carlo Conti, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Wilma Goich, Walter Santillo, Gigi and Andrea, Giucas Casella, the Stadium, Umberto Tozzi, Jerry Cala, Donatella Rector, Dik Dik, Maurizio Vandelli, chameleons, new Trolls, Homo Sapiens, Paolo Ruffini, PFM (twice), Nada, Franco Califano, until you get to the last few years where a new artistic line was undertaken by promoting Reality Bites Festival in collaboration with: limonaia club Fucecchio.

The purpose of the new artistic line is breaking down the barriers that have long confined artists and genres in their reserves. To prove that the past and present coexist beautifully, that alternative scenes and moms with stroller have their similarities. And that even the most bohemian of the songwriters in front of a bowl of soup ...

By the way: the Festival of Soup not you just eat ... the soup. There are wonderful grilled, tortelli and Tuscan specialties and other delicacies lovingly prepared by cooks (mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers) Massarella.

THE SOUP - true delight of peasant culture. A concentration of stale Tuscan bread, boiled cannellini beans with sage and garlic, olive oil bono, cabbage, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, onion, celery, potatoes, tomatoes salt and pepper. The preparation requires many hours of work each day.

Program Festival of soup 2016
Performance begins at 21

Friday, July 15
Reality Bites Festival 2016
in concert

Saturday, July 16
Reality Bites Festival 2016
The Bluebeaters
In Concert + Pre / Aftershow Dj Set "Summer Shanty Town" With Henry Dj + Kaya + Guest Dj Dj

Sunday, July 17
Reality Bites Festival 2016
in concert

Thursday, July 21
Massigiana evening
.... what to say ... this is the historic evening of our party with all of us engaged in massigiani Doc cabaret to entertain you now ... an event not to be missed !!

Friday, July 22
Reality Bites Festival 2016
in concert

Saturday, July 23
Reality Bites Festival 2016
In Concert + Pre / Aftershow Dj Set "Blue" With Fritz Orlowski Dj + Dj Fulci

Sunday, July 24
Reality Bites Festival 2016
In Concert + Pre-Show Dj Set With La Foi + Belvedere Dj

46th edition - from Fri 15 to Sun 17 and Mon 21 to Sun 24 July
Square August 23 - Massarella - Fucecchio - Florence
Info www.contradamassarella.it Info www.contradamassarella.it

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