Bonds and freedom: the possible balance

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Address: Via della Fonderia 42R , Florence

Date: Friday 15 October 2021


Fondant from La Fonderia art gallery

Casa Perfumer Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio

From Friday 8 to Saturday 16 October 2021

Opening Saturday 9 October 2021 - 4.00 pm

Florence, La Fonderia art gallery, via della Fonderia 42R

Bonds and freedom: the possible balance

A multisensory journey explores the connections between perfume art and figurative art

From Friday 8 to Saturday 16 October, La Fonderia Art Gallery (via della Fonderia 42R Florence) hosts the exhibition “Bonds and freedom: possible balance”, organized by Fondente in collaboration with Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio . Inauguration Saturday 9 October at 4pm.

Francesca Di Massimo, creator of the perfumes of Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio, and the Syrian artist Rand Nezha have begun to investigate and interpret the theme of bonds: Francesca has translated it into the Olimpia fragrance, Rand into two paintings to be appreciated through an olfactory experience . Fondente - a project created to enhance the territory through the talents of contemporary art and created by Niccolò Mannini of the La Fonderia art gallery together with Giulia Filippini, Alessandro Tortora and Giulia Garzia - has undertaken a path of investigation and deepening of the theme, selecting and involving Riccardo Caleffi, Lorenzo Cecilioni, Skim, Marco Ferri, Daniele Giannetti and Leopoldo Innocenti, six contemporary artists who have created six works of art, each of which tells and interprets the raw materials of the Olimpia perfume.

The connections between perfumery art and figurative art thus find original expression in this exhibition that accompanies the visitor along a path in which the works of art describe the moments and elements that inspire and guide the experience of the olfactory process.

"Creating a connection between art and perfume". - said the commissioner for production activities Federico Gianassi - "This is the aim of the exhibition that combines sensorial paths and through works of art enhances the world of perfumes, an ancient art Florentine ".

Perfume - says Francesca Di Massimo - is charm, beauty, emotion, memory. Like any form of art, the creative process to create a perfume moves from human emotions and the need to tell the experiences that these emotions determine. This is the concept shared with the artists involved, to whom I entrusted the natural raw materials chosen for this fragrance of mine and which they interpreted with their works. The works they have created have become, together with the perfume, a path, a path that anyone can take to find and perhaps even rediscover other emotions, other memories ”.

" Fondente was created to express, tell and enhance the territory through contemporary art - adds Niccolò Mannini - It is a project by the La Fonderia art gallery, a place where art creates contact, relationship and dialogue and blends languages, stories and different values in a unique emotional and cultural experience. With this philosophy we have selected six artists based on their research, their history and their poetics to tell the raw materials that make up the Olimpia perfume by Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio. We can therefore affirm that it is the raw material of the perfume that has chosen and inspired them ".


Galleria La Fonderia, a modern and contemporary art gallery, has been offering exhibitions of historicized national and international masters since 2018 and actively enhances young talents of contemporary art. From this continuous search for emerging artists, Fondente was born, a project created by Niccolò Mannini, Giulia Filippini, Alessandro Tortora and Giulia Garzia, four young Florentines with different stories, the desire to get involved and the desire to write together a new and ambitious experience that you tell. and enhance Florence, its excellence and its territory, through the language of art. The main purpose of the project is to express and enhance the territory through contemporary art by creating a community of emerging artists, collectors, artists, professionals in the sector, investors and local companies. Fondente wants to be an intermediary and a solid support between these different realities, interconnecting them and creating together a fruitful short circuit, which regenerates the socio-economic, artistic and cultural fabric of the territory on which it insists. Offer an opportunity to promising talents to enter the world of work and the art system. At the same time, to give local companies the opportunity to know and fall in love with the new art, an art that not only seeks to express itself, but also to communicate and actively integrate within our territory. Art was born to unite and communicate and Fondente is its full expression.


La Fonderia is a modern and contemporary art gallery opened in 2018 by the will of Niccolò Mannini, a historian but with an innate passion for culture and the arts that emerged from his many years of work in the art market. The Gallery offers exhibitions ranging from historicized national and international Masters to works by young local artists, seeking a continuous dialogue between past and present in order to look to the future; the basic criterion is the ability of the work to arouse unique sensations and emotions in people of all ages; they are mainly indexed towards a contemporary style and towards the twentieth century avant-gardes, combining taste and the possibility of investments for the future. The search for new artists is constant and aimed at identifying works that are in harmony with the selection of those already evaluated and present in the gallery. A wide range of artists and works, therefore, considered and in continuous evolution. The Foundry is aimed at collectors and lovers of works of art of the modern-contemporary period by making available its ability to customize the work proposal, through advice and insights on the works, also orienting towards tailor-made solutions. A gallery that can respond to the needs and research of its interlocutors ensuring a professional relationship based on competence, transparency and courtesy.


Florence, La Fonderia art gallery, via della Fonderia 42R

8 - 16 October 2021

Opening hours: Monday 16.00-20.00, Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-13.00 15.30-20.00

Opening 9 October 2021 - 4.00 pm


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