Galleria dell'Artigianato, the Artex exhibition in Florence

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Address: Via della Scala, 115 , Florence

Date: Thursday 16 September 2021


Galleria dell ' Artigianato, in Florence the Artex exhibition in the Corsini garden

A path to support Made in Tuscany within the Artigianato e Palazzo event, scheduled from 16 to 19 September

"For 2021 Artex has set itself the goal of strongly relaunching the Artisan Gallery project to support the Made in Tuscany excellence both in Italy and abroad, also thanks to this new platform". Thus Giovanni Lamioni, President of Artex, Center for Artistic and Traditional Handicraft in Tuscany .

"A fundamental step in this process of relaunch is participation in the 2021 edition of Artigianato e Palazzo, with the exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert that allows visitors to come into contact with productions that are often not very visible, but always of the highest level and with a great productive and creative capacity, which represent one of the constitutive elements of the identity of Tuscany. - continues Lamioni - For this occasion we have chosen to build, with the artisans and objects of the Galleria dell'Artigianato project, a real path, a Journey to Tuscany, which winds through the Tuscan territories, whose stops are represented by some of the main places of Tuscan artistic productions, also seen in their interactions with the culture and tourism of our region ".

The Artisan Gallery ( ), a project promoted by the Tuscany Region and created by Artex, Center for Artistic and Traditional Handicraft in Tuscany, is a design path created to give visibility to high quality Tuscan artistic productions.

Artisans are sought and selected throughout Tuscany to produce unique pieces of the highest quality and of great cultural value, intended for collectors, specialized retailers, art galleries and museums.

The selected artisans express their skills through extremely differentiated productions, both in the materials used and in the style. Rich and poor materials are processed with the most ancient and traditional techniques, but also with innovative, research and development languages.

The Artisan Gallery presents three collections: The Tradition of Handicraft , dedicated to the skilful processing of different materials handed down over time, Research Experiences , aimed at experimental paths and new scenarios, and Art to Wear , aimed at highlighting the excellence of clothing, weaving, goldsmith and artisan costume jewelery sector, also revisited with new materials.

All the collections are the result of a selection curated by a commission of experts, but the common denominator remains the very high quality level which, combined with style and competence, makes the objects in the Craft Gallery an expression of history, beauty and culture.

"Artistic craftsmanship is the business card of Tuscany in the world, enhancing it, making it known and making it usable is very important and the Artisan Gallery project has precisely this goal - comments Leonardo Marras, Councilor for Economy and Tourism of the Tuscany Region -. This is a sector that has suffered heavily from the repercussions of the pandemic crisis, for which, as a Region, we have also promoted a specific call to support businesses. With this in mind, participation in the Artigianato e Palazzo event represents an excellent opportunity for visibility for our excellent products ”.

"We are happy that the Galleria dell'Artigianato project has found space in such a prestigious event as Artigianato e Palazzo. The artistic craftsmanship, the made in Tuscany and the real made in Italy, thanks to their global vocation, have all the cards in rule to be among the driving sectors of our local economy in this period that we hope will be of maximum recovery ”, declares Luca Tonini, president of CNA Toscana.

The president of Confartigianato Imprese Toscana Luca Giusti comments: “Artigianato e Palazzo, scheduled from 16 to 19 September, is the event that promotes art and craft traditions in the historic garden of Palazzo Corsini, in the center of Florence. Confartigianato Imprese Toscana is close to companies operating in the artistic and traditional crafts sector which, after very difficult months, resume promoting their activities by participating in face-to-face events. The Artex consortium chaired by Giovanni Lamioni, in which Confartigianato Imprese Toscana participates, curated one of the main events of Artigianato e Palazzo: the exhibition Galleria dell'Artigianato. Journey to Tuscany ". On display the most famous Tuscan artistic productions and the creations of the artisans active in the territories. An important opportunity to get to know and appreciate artistic craftsmanship, which contributes in an essential way to the excellent productions of our production districts and is characterized by the high creative, historical, social and cultural value of its activities. A sector that must be supported and promoted with specific projects, in particular on training, innovation and marketing ".

"Artex's choice to relaunch the " Artisan Gallery; Journey to Tuscany "project at the Corsini Garden - with the unpublished exhibition " Journey to Tuscany " curated by Jean Blanchaert and set up in the FOCUS space - is for us a source of pride and we consider it a sign of recognition for the commitment we have been carrying out for twenty-seven years with ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO to protect Italian workers and know-how ", declared Sabina Corsini, president of the Corsini and Neri Torrigiani Association, creator and organizer of the Florentine event .

Within the Artigianato e Palazzo event there is also a stand of Crafting Europe, a three-year project resulting from the joint work of nine European organizations linked to artistic craftsmanship (the referent of the project for Italy is Artex), with projects and prototypes made by Italian and Tuscan artisans and designers.


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