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Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, n.4 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 05 June 2019



Horticultural Garden

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4


5 June at 20/22


Performance of the YOUTH DANCE GROUP by Kinesis CDC by Angelo Egarese

"A way of expressing oneself freely, leaving structures and movement patterns, looking for the most typical body movements with the exploration and use of space. Everything is based on listening and the ability to play and create with movements and stimuli that have been chosen for each improvisation. "

The company offers a site specific performance with two different approaches, since the aims are different, but nonetheless interpenetrating and indispensable to each other. The performance includes various situations, repetitions, developments and slight variations of the same movement are indispensable, in order to be able to develop a physical memory and to investigate all the expressive possibilities of a single movement.

Important is the "when", which takes on a fundamental role, in fact it is necessary to be able to feel "when" to enter, "when" to leave, "when" to finish, "when" to leave time to develop something or "when" to interrupt it. It is essential to know how to manage the "when", but the "how" is also extremely important.

June 6, 7pm / 10pm

"The beauty of the ridiculous Being"

Theater / Clown workshop by Julieta Marocco

In this workshop we play, we laugh at ourselves, we come to an in-depth view of who we are as artists and we realize the incredible potential we can find in working with what we have, with what we are.

Contact Workshop by Chiara Fenizi

The experience of Contact Improvisation involves and challenges all our senses: when we dance we continuously train ourselves to be present at what happens inside and outside our skin. Listening, attention, awareness, trust are the basis of a body language that creates instant, unpredictable relationships. During this experience we will meet the principles at the heart of this form of dance, asking ourselves: "How can we become familiar with and play with them?
In conjunction with the Contact Improvisation, a live musical experience will be proposed which aims to create a strong interaction between musicians, dancers and the public.

Julieta Marocco and Chiara Fenizi are actresses, directors and trainers. Graduated in the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, an internationally recognized school where some of the most important clowns in Europe and the world were trained. They both work in Spain, Brazil and Italy, conducting clown workshops and theatrical creation for more than 10 years.

Next, musical performance with Gabriele Dimitrio (vocals), Pier Paolo Limiti (guitar) and Ester Cecconi (percussion)
A guitarist, a singer and a percussionist will mix their musical influences together to build a suggestive tangle of sounds.



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