Daily program from July 29 to August 9

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Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, n.4 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 10 August 2016



Daily program from July 29 to August 9 Horticultural Garden

Continues the broad program of the Garden dell'ArteCultura, summer program Summer Fiorentina in the beautiful setting of the Horticultural Garden of Florence. The following are details of the events of the coming days, accompanied as always by the kiosk café open to the public every day from 10 to 24 with free admission.

Saturday 30, at 19.30, back on stage dell'ArteCultura the Alchemy Daze. The sound of a dirt Gibson, the fiery steps of a Hammond, the penetrating dynamism of a battery, the deep warm sound of a low, heat and vitality of a saxophone and a flute accompany a voice as gritty as melodic . To characterize the identity of the band are the various musical influences due to the different backgrounds of its members: Nadia Koski (voice, wind instruments American), Sasha Aboutarabian (electric guitar) and Francesco Iranian Raveggi (drums), Federica Jars (bass) and Gianluca Brigidi (keyboards), the three Italian band.

Sunday 31 from 19 to 22, made ​​his way on Sunday Sunset by Dj Perfe, chill sounds for a dinner at the Horticultural Garden!

Monday, August 1 is dinner at Kiosk with pizza, salads, piadine pulled by hand, draft beers, craft, gluten-free, organic and tall glasses of fresh fruit drinks in a relaxing atmosphere (for reservations 055.4627276).

Tuesday 2, from 19, the Ukulele space Revolver Tour Danilo Vignola & Gio Didonna, Danilo Vignola is one of the greatest experimenters of technical ukulelistiche, Gio Didonna is famous for its percussive innovations: together they gave birth to the album "Ukulele Revoler "and a musical project with more than 200 concerts in prestigious locations across Italy. Their show is an engaging journey through the rhythms and Mediterranean sounds when you give free rein to the art of revisiting in a modern traditional melodies (rumba, flamenco, tarantula, arabesque sonorities) interweaving with experimental refinement, psychedelic harmonies, rhythmic heavy.

Wednesday 3, from 18 to 20 return to the free creative workshops for children organized by Arts and discarti. At 19.30 they go on stage the Maravè with their songwriting eclectic, romantic, multi-faceted, transparent, ranging from neo folk and bossa nova passing from pop music and winking at the typical rhythms of jazz and popular song.

Thursday 4, at 19, it was the turn of Smoking Notes, a Florentine combo that plays the classic motifs of the swing era with a tribute to the 40's and 50 years masterpieces. On the Scene: Peter Randazzo (vocals), Francesco Meozzi (guitar), Simone Fallaci (sax), Marco Cencetti (trumpet), Gigi Ragucci (piano), Riccardo Roversi (bass), Riccardo Simoncini (drums).

Friday 5 The Garden opens as usual at 10 am offering up to 24 many delicacies in the cafe-kiosk can be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful cities of the frames!

Saturday 6, even music from the 19 with the performance of Tumbason offering to the public dell'ArteCultura their repertoire of music "tradicional Cuban" thanks to the talent of

Daniele Bracaloni (tres and vocals), Andrea Marianelli (bass), Philip Shell (percussion and chorus), Jordi Roldan (percussion and chorus), Rachel Efforts (chorus).

Sunday 7 still good food and relax with café and kiosk open with free admission from 10 to 24.

Monday 8 is dinner at Kiosk with pizza, salads, piadine pulled by hand, draft beers, craft, gluten-free, organic and tall glasses of fresh fruit drinks in a relaxing atmosphere (for reservations 055.4627276).

Tuesday 9, from 19, salt staged Trio Mancino with Federico Gaspari on guitar, Mikael Ravera on bass and Elijah Ciuffini on drums. The trio explores, with original songs and not, a jazz and soul music blended funk and pop.

From 10 August Tuttapposto back to Mid-August: festival of live music in its third diction, that every night for a week starring a local band ready to keep company with those who spend the summer in the city. Soon the complete program initiative.

The Garden dell'ArteCultura is also social: the evenings programs will be constantly updated on the official Facebook fanpage at facebook.com/giardinoartecultura2 well as on the site www.giardinoartecultura.it .

Info: 055.4627276 - situation@hotmail.it

www.giardinoartecultura.it / facebook.com/giardinoartecultura2


Other events on Wednesday 10 August :

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