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Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, n.4 , Florence

Date: Sunday 18 August 2019



From August 9 to 18, every evening at 8pm with free admission, professional musicians take the stage of the famous Florentine park.

From August 9th to 18th, at 8 pm, the music festival TUTTAPPOSTO A FERRAGOSTO is back for the 6th edition: the ten-day free musical event that the billboard of the Giardino dell'ArteCultura gives to all those who will spend the hottest week of the year in city. Every evening a band of high-level professional musicians will take their seats on stage.

To enrich the evenings, the goodness of the cafeteria kiosk: pizza, salads and piadina handmade from Romagna, draft beers, artisanal, gluten-free, organic drinks, large glasses of fresh fruit.

Here is the detail of the evenings:

* FRIDAY 9 - CoseARitmo . Cover dance, soul, R&B with an unexpected repertoire to have fun and get excited. On stage: Tomaso Ceri (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Elia Ciuffini (drums), Maurizio Piccioli (electric guitar).

* SATURDAY 10 - Pink Floyd Prysm tribute band . The group was born with the intent to reproduce the tracks of one of the most famous bands in the world. The project, which takes its name from the symbolic figure of one of their most famous albums, tries to recreate both the sound and the floydian atmospheres. The use of computers to recreate audio effects, sounding coins, clocks, alarm clocks and anything else serve only to enhance every note that will be played live on stage. The PRYSMs are: Dino Giusti (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Antonio Darone (bass and choirs), Piero Biagi (piano fender, moog, synt, hammond and choirs), Stefano Fortunati (drums and percussion), Fulvio Burberi (guitars electrical and acoustic systems and choirs).

* SUNDAY 11 - Freddie Maguire Blues Band. A special evening, approaching the Lucca Blues Festival, with an absolute level band that will range from blues to funky and from soul to R'n'B. Listening atmospheres, which will not miss the desire to dance, under the guidance of international level singer and blues singer Freddie Maguire.

* MONDAY 12 - Olivia Grace And The Florentines . The texts, sometimes nostalgic and dreamy, are also current and full of strong social criticism, the result of a personal vision of life and reality - however optimistic - enhanced by a clean and soft vocal style capable, in its dynamism, of digressions into Blues phrases Blues and Jazz. The sound is a complex blend of extremely modern, rhythmic and danceable electro tempos, sometimes poignant melodies, with references to American folk and primitive blues, sometimes more incisive and stubborn, with references to dance and funk grooves, of soul and hIp hop. Line up: Olivia Grace (vocals), Lapo Zini (drums), Marco Torretti (bass), Lorenzo Santagelo (guitar).

* TUESDAY 13 - Vintage Sound in concert . A journey into the wonderful world of Italian music of the 60s. On stage Cinzia (vocals), Ennio (guitar), Leonardo Antonini (drums), Corrado Cerbara (bass), Gianni Salaorni (guitar).

* WEDNESDAY 14 - Slimecello & UrbanBluesBand . A rock & blues evening from Clapton to ZZTop passing through JTull and JHendri with four passionate musicians of great experience on the Florentine scene. Line up: Matteo Pizzotto Bisceglia (vocals, bass), Flavio Salveti (lead vocal, harmonica and flute), SlimeMarCello Salvetti (electric and acoustic guitar), Piero Masi (drums and percussion).

* THURSDAY 15 - Alien Roy . Original show suspended between jazz, swing, bossa nova and fusion created by the talent of Roy Binder Galluppi (keyboards / electric piano), Corrado Cerbara (bass) and Leonardo Antonini (drums).

* FRIDAY 16 - I Rhubarb . Authors' songs, electro-pop. There are many influences that characterize the pen of the singer-songwriter Luca Giovanni Frosinini (from Battisti to Prince, from Dalla to Stevie Wonder), as multiple atmospheres and compositions proposed through the never excessive use of electronic sampling and rhythm (by the multi-instrumentalist drummer Duccio Bonciani). "In a totally original repertoire you can't pack or label anything, when you write a piece you write a piece" says Luca "every story is a story in itself and has a sound that characterizes it ..."

* SATURDAY 17 - Last Minute Dirty Band . Since 2002 an elegant and engaging show inspired by rock'n'roll, rhythm & blues and pop from the 50s and 60s. The sound characterized by an authentic and refined old school style, an energetic and spontaneous performance, attention to the instrumentation and to the look contribute to recreate in the concerts a sound and visual impact of other times. The current line up consists of the frontman Marco on vocals, Simone on the guitars, Luca on the double bass and the bass Fender, Simone 'Vigno' Vignoli on drums and percussion.

* SUNDAY 18 - Natural Mystic - Marley tribute acoustic version. Four musicians of various musical backgrounds, fans of Bob Marley, propose an acoustic version of some tracks by the timeless Jamaican artist. On stage: Led Kayal, Aliah, Dario Cei and Riccardo Calcini.

To stay up to date, follow us on the official Garden channels: the website www.giardinoartecultura.it and the Facebook page facebook.com/giardinoartecultura2 .

Information: 389.8330188
www.giardinoartecultura.it - info@giardinoartecultura.it - facebook.com/giardinoartecultura2


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