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Address: Via del Perugino, 50142 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 23 September 2020


Saverio Raimondo, Chibo & Cesareo (EelST), Massimiliano Loizzi,
Carmine del Grosso, Ruggero de I Timidi, Mary Sarnataro, Luca Ravenna ...

From 2 to 30 September the stars of comedy on the stages of
Visarno Hippodrome - Guelfi Sport Center (Florence)

Star of comedy and stand up comedy such as Ruggero de I Timidi, Saverio Raimondo, Mary Sarnataro, Carmine del Grosso, Chibo & Cesareo, Massimiliano Loizzi ... Refined songwriters - from Benvegnù to Vittorio dei Camillas, from Marco Parente to Manuel Agnelli - grappling with music and literature. And then open mic contest, market, street food and much more for Firenze Laughs, a new exhibition that from 2 to 30 September lands at the Visarno Hippodrome and at the Guelfi Sport Center in Florence.

In the foreground, the three-day event at the Visarno Hippodrome, from Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 September: Nicholas Ciuferri & Paolo Benvegnù will open with the concert / show "Tales of the Mists" and the exhilarating live of Chibo together with his mentor Cesareo of Elio and the tense stories. Friday 19 Vittorio Ruben dei Camillas presents the book "The history of the music of the future", followed by endless laughter with the new show by Massimiliano Loizzi, the face of the Third Secret of Satire. Saturday 20 Marco Parente & Manuel Agnelli propose the concert show "Lettere al Mondo", the Neapolitan comedian Carmine del Grosso closes.
The Visarno opens at 5 pm and, every evening, while you enjoy an aperitif, the Open Mic Contest is staged, reserved for emerging comedians: budding comedians, this is your chance! Free registration (from 1/9 on the website www.lndf.it ) and quality jury, the best will perform next spring at the Teatro Puccini. Info www.lndf.it , tickets exclusively on Dice.fm: admission 7 euros, three-night pass 12 euros, early bird subscription only online 10 euros.

Firenze Laughs is also ready to invade the Guelfi Sport Center in Florence: on Wednesday 2 September, don't miss Saverio Raimondo, Netflix's Talking Satyr, with a freewheeling show about pandemic anxieties, mixed fried food, online porn and removals.
Wednesday 9 a microphone, a guitar, a Ruggero: just him, Ruggero de I Timidi, live with all the repertoire that made him famous.
On Wednesday 23 the comedian Luca Ravenna masters on stage in "Rodrigo Live". Wednesday 30th the review ends with Mary Sarnataro - one of the most irreverent comedians and hyenas on TV - and her show “I'm a bad person ... but a fantastic monkey”. Tickets for the shows at the Guelfi Sport Center (18/25 euros excluding presale rights) are available on www.diyticket.it .

Firenze Laughs is organized by the LNDF agency and Aguilar, a production and management company founded in 2018 by Davide Azzolini and Dazzle Communication with Jacopo Cirillo and Giulio D'Antona and, from 2019, Indigo Film. Aguilar deals in particular with the dissemination and promotion of stand up comedy in Italy and internationally. Aguilar video productions are distributed on Netflix in over 190 countries around the world.

Friday 18th September
17:00 Opening
18:00 Open Mic Contest - First round
20:00 Nicholas Ciuferri & Paolo Benvegnù - Tales of the Mists
21:30 Chibo (live) feat. Cesareo (EelST)

Saturday 19th September
18:00 Opening
19:00 Open Mic Contest - Second Round
21:00 Vittorio dei Camillas (live)
22:30 Massimiliano Loizzi (live)

Sunday 20 September
17:00 Opening
18:00 Open Mic Contest - Third round
20:00 Marco Parente & Manuel Agnelli - Letters to the World
21:30 Open Mic Contest award ceremony and show of the three winners
22.30 Carmine del Grosso (live)


Wednesday 2 September
Saverio Raimondo Live

Wednesday 9 September
Ruggero de I Timidi in "Stand up & Songs"

Wednesday 23 September
Luca Ravenna in "Rodrigo Live"

Wednesday 30 September
Mary Sarnataro in "I'm a bad person ... but a fantastic monkey"

The Marriage of Figaro
Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore, 1 - Florence
Tel. 055.218647 - Fax 055.2741478
www.lndf.it - info@lenozzedifigaro.it
www.lndf.it - info@lenozzedifigaro.it

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