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Name: Hidron

Address: Via di Gramignano , Campi Bisenzio

Tel: 3382162276


HIDRON - (Campi Bisenzio - Florence)

The gorgeous APERIFOLLIA evening moved to Hydron

Every Tuesday aperitif by the pool and lots of music.

Cost € 14 with private table and drink served

Info and reservations: 3319347422



In the completely renewed location, a new drinkcard formula for the thirsty and above all a national radio collaboration that will bring some of the Dj's who have made the history of the music in our console.

21.00 CENA

- Appetizer Buffet with a first serving served at the most sweet and coffee table.
All at 12 € per person!

- Possibility of aperitifs on a minimum booking of 30 people) reserved area both inside and outside 15 € per person including drinks or water and wine


Opening gates for the afternoons with WOMEN'S FREE INPUT until 00.00.
In the evening, dance and animation are entrusted to the FOOLS Animation guys that will make you unleash it up to the night!

Entrance: 10 € with drink - 10 € woman with drink after 00.00

Info, Dinners & Tables: 3319347422

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