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Address: Via di Cantagallo 250 , Prato

Date: Sunday 16 June 2019


The Kiosk of the Witch

Via di Cantagallo 250 - Figline di Prato - Prato, Galceti

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Il Chiosco della Strega _ Sunday 16 June 'Cappotto & Cammello' live

For the third consecutive year, Il Chiosco della Strega is back !! The witch and her elves, until the hot mid-August, will enchant you again with drinking potions, melodies to listen to, and much more !! Sunday 16 June, on stage, 'Cappotto & Cammello' .

Thanks to a strange combination of a trip to Cuba and a trip to the USA, Roberto Uggiosi and Leo Boni are the birthplace of 'Cappotto & Cammello' , a project born from the passion for music that captures the moment, the existentialism that is captured in the spirit of those peoples who have suffered injustices and bullying. It is with the research and study of Country Blues, Gypsy-jazz and Son Cubano that the two Tuscan charismatics find their musical lexicon with which to express songs, stories and lines.

Leonardo Boni and Roberto Uggiosi: guitars and voices. An acoustic journey through the cotton plantations, the railways and slums of the southern US between the two wars: a brilliant and self-ironic rereading that brings new life to ragtime and blues-swing songs by artists such as Sam Chatmon, Sonny Terry, Browie McGee and other traditional, with ragtime key versions of more recent authors, from John Fogarty to Lennon-McCartney.

But Il Chiosco della Strega , is not only music and cocktails, but it is also, book presentations, film screenings and photo exhibitions.

Follow the social profiles to be updated on all the events that will gravitate at the hidden cave in the Prato hills !! Among the expected events, Marco Cocci , actor and singer whose release of his solo album 'STEPS' is fresh, Alessio 'Ultimarata' Colosi , voice and founder of Macchina Ossuta and spokesperson of La Sacra Triad: Iggy Pop, David Bowie , Lou Reed; a three-day event dedicated to the most Peace & Love festival of all time, that of Woodstock .

The Kiosk of the Witch is located in Via di Cantagallo 250, in Figline di Prato, known just as 'the town of witches', near the Circolo 29 Martiri. The magic awaits you !!

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The Kiosk of the Witch

Sunday 16 June 'Cappotto & Cammello'

Via di Cantagallo 250, Figline di Prato

near the Circolo 29 Martiri

starting at 21:30

free admission


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