program Thursday 27 and Sunday 30 June

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Address: Via di Cantagallo 250 , Prato

Date: Sunday 30 June 2019


Summer has arrived, and for the third consecutive year, at Il Chiosco della Strega, the enchantment of a welcoming place to enjoy fresh air, enjoy potions to drink, listen to melodies, and much more !!

Thursday , June 27th , Il Chiosco della Strega, is proud to present 'The cliff of distant looks' , by Emanuele Grandi , Morphema Editrice, 2018. What all those who choose to live with a dog have in common is the fear of the moment when four-legged friend will leave; what many of those who choose to live with a dog have in common is the hope that there is an animal paradise, a place where our friends go to wait for us in the most serene and happy way possible. Emanuele Grandi accompanies us in these moments giving us the comfort of our happy friends and the hope of finding them again beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

For THE SUNDAYS OF CHIOSCO, in collaboration with Megik Ozne Pistoia, Sunday 30 June , CATS & DOGS live. Giacomo Ballerini, vocals, nylon / steel acoustic guitar, live looping, and Enzo Lombardi, vocals, nylon / steel acoustic guitar, harmonica, offer us an intense journey, with a repertoire of songs that stylistically go through blues and rock'n'roll, latin and bossa nova, pop and soul, singer-songwriter and traditional music, all seasoned with personal and medley arrangements in constant evolution by artists of international level, traveling through time, giving a truly unusual spectacle!

Follow the social profiles to be updated on all the events that will gravitate at the hidden cave in the Prato hills !! Among the expected events, Marco Cocci , actor and singer of whom the release of his solo album 'STEPS' is fresh, Alessio 'Ultimarata' Colosi , voice and founder of La Macchina Ossuta, as well as spokesperson of La Sacra Triad: Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed; Marco 'Banana' Pieraccini , a well-known bluesman whose new album is expected to be released; a three-day event dedicated to the most Peace & Love festival of all time, that of Woodstock .

The Kiosk of the Witch is located in Via di Cantagallo 250, in Figline di Prato, known just as 'the town of witches', near the Circolo 29 Martiri. The magic awaits you !!

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The Kiosk of the Witch

Thursday 27 June presentation of the book 'La rupe dei sguardi lontani', by Emanuele Grandi

Sunday 30 June Cats & Dogs live

Via di Cantagallo 250, Figline di Prato

near the Circolo 29 Martiri

starting at 21:30

free admission

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Other events on Sunday 30 June :

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