weekend program 5, 6 and 7 July

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Address: Via di Cantagallo 250 , Prato

Date: Sunday 07 July 2019


The Kiosk of the Witch

Via di Cantagallo 250 - Figline di Prato - Prato, Galceti

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Il Chiosco della Strega _ program Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July

Summer has arrived, and for the third consecutive year, at Il Chiosco della Strega, the enchantment of a welcoming place to enjoy fresh air, enjoy potions to drink, listen to melodies, and much more !!

Friday , July 5 , Il Chiosco della Strega, is proud to present the event to be held in the adjacent sports field: Santa Lucia Big Band live. A riot of musicians and instruments for a riot of notes: from Mambo to Swing, to Boogie woogie and Cha Cha Cha. The show to celebrate the renewed sending of the soccer field and celebrate the beginning of the Memorial Lorenzo Nesi MSP Summer Cup championship. The party continues in the garden of the Kiosk not a 'haunted' music selection !!!

Saturday 6th July , PORCOTTRIO live: long-running musicians from disparate musical experiences who, united by a great friendship and the desire for fun, gave birth to this project from the repertoire that mixes Italian singer-songwriter with big international hits. A project that leads to singing, dancing, in short, to having fun!

For LE DOMENICHE DEL CHIOSCO, in collaboration with Megik Ozne Pistoia, Sunday 7 July , Desirée Puccini with La Desy Band : singer-songwriter from Prato, class '89. He attended the school of artists in Rome, where, thanks to prestigious teachers, and the influence of artists such as Luigi Tenco, Lucio Battisti, Mia Martini, Riccardo Cocciante, Lucio Dalla and other sacred monsters, he passed from the passion of writing poetry, to the one for the lyrics of songs, together with the growing desire to take up the six strings. 'I write songs because I want to share my emotions with the world. My desire to make music bypasses all boundaries because my songs are written with the heart: simple, direct and impactful. " At the Kiosk of the Witch, 'the Desy' on stage with the acoustic set of her unpublished works and some reinterpreted and personalized covers, she is joined by Fabrizio Lombardi on guitar and Andrea Zito on sax.

Follow the social profiles to be updated on all the events that will gravitate at the hidden cave in the Prato hills !! Among the expected events, Marco Cocci , actor and singer of whom the release of his solo album 'STEPS' is fresh, Alessio 'Ultimarata' Colosi , voice and founder of La Macchina Ossuta, as well as spokesperson of La Sacra Triad: Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed; Marco 'Banana' Pieraccini , a well-known bluesman whose new album is expected to be released; a three-day event dedicated to the most Peace & Love festival of all time, that of Woodstock .

The Kiosk of the Witch is located in Via di Cantagallo 250, in Figline di Prato, known just as 'the town of witches', near the Circolo 29 Martiri. The magic awaits you !!

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The Kiosk of the Witch

Friday 5 July Santa Lucia Big Band

Saturday 6 July Porcottrio

Sunday 7th July The Desy Band

Via di Cantagallo 250, Figline di Prato

near the Circolo 29 Martiri

starting at 21:30

free admission

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link to the Facebook page of Il Chiosco della Strega



Other events on Sunday 07 July :

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