The weekend of the Chiosco della Strega

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Address: Via di Cantagallo 250 , Prato

Date: Saturday 14 July 2018


The weekend of the Chiosco della Strega

Friday, July 13th MALTABASTARDA live - Saturday, July 14th PORRO 2.0 live

at Il Chiosco della Strega

Via di Cantagallo 250

59100 Figline di Prato - Prato, Galceti

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The Chiosco della Strega weekend:

Friday, July 13th MALTABASTARDA live - Saturday, July 14th PORRO 2.0 live

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The live events of Il Chiosco della Strega continue . Also for this weekend two musical events to be enjoyed in the cool of the cave.

The first, Friday 13 July, together with MALTABASTARDA . The band, a conglomerate of two guitars and a cajon, sees the association of distant and disparate musical elements with the result of a more unique and rare unique pasta. A surprising and unexpected musical path with a union that seems impractical and impossible, but that instead, sounds and resounds. Saturday 14 July is the turn of PORRO 2.0 . Cover Punk Rock performed by those who present themselves with the anagram: Unfortunately, now we will remain Rhinoceroses Obese !! Punk: rough, noisy, rebellious and direct. All this combined with a good dose of delirium in their live performance. Their performance, known, but never predictable, foreshadows an evening worthy of 'a lions' night ... the complete series ... !!

Even for this weekend, Il Chiosco is ready to welcome you already at 7 pm, including cocktails, sandwiches, beer and shots, potions to sip in the cool of the Strega's antrum, waiting for the shows to start at 10 pm.

The witch and her apprentices sorcerers and maghettes remember that the cave is hidden in the woods, and a stream runs alongside it, therefore, the air could be pleasantly fresh and sparkling, so much to recommend pullover and jacket.

Il Chiosco della Strega, which will accompany your summer evenings until 15 August, is located in Via di Cantagallo 250, in Figline di Prato, known juxtaposed as' the village of witches', near the Martyrs' Circle 29.

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Friday, July 13 MALTABASTARDA live

Saturday, July 14th PORRO 2.0 live


Other events on Saturday 14 July :

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