Berlin 1989-2019: The Wall party! 3 Super-band + Dj set

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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Saturday 09 November 2019


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November 9, 1989: The Berlin Wall is demolished.
For 28 years he divided the German capital into two, until tens of thousands of East Berliners, after the government's announcement that visits to Germany and West Berlin would be permitted, rushed to the wall to climb over it and well little did the border checkpoints serve.
The ecstatic Berliners of the East were greeted in a festive manner by their Western brothers, spontaneously the bars near the wall began to offer free beer for everyone. November 9 is therefore considered the date of the fall of the Wall celebrated the following year, July 21, 1990 with the mega concert by Roger Waters (former Pink Floyd bassist) with the performance of The Wall live.

Today, exactly thirty years later, FrauTroffea and Il Contro want to celebrate this important anniversary with an evening that can pay tribute to a fundamental historical moment for modern history, not only politically and socially, but also musically.

Themed preparations and cocktails await you, screenings but above all 3 specially chosen Super bands, along with the legendary Frau Troffea DJ set ... A unique and unmissable event!

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From 22.00:

Pill Pink - Pink Floyd Tribute Band
(They will perform the songs of 'The Wall')

Aeroflot feat. Radio Moscow Collective
(The Soviet side of the story will be presented with their themed costumes, screenings and their Soviet Rock)

Der Himmel über Berlin
('The sky above Berlin' from Trieste, Post Punk / Darkwave / New Wave)

Dj set by FrauTroffea - In console:

Photo: Gabriele Baldi

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Strasbourg, July 1518.

I started dancing on the streets of the city.
After a week I was still dancing.
Soon many other people joined me.
Experienced musicians and dancers were paid for
to accompany my dancers.
Many people continued to dance despite
fractured his ankles.

I keep dancing ...

Frau Troffea

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Admission Euro 5

ACSI card and mandatory document
(Annual membership card for the Euro 5 card)

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Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Maliseti

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