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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Saturday 28 September 2019


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Saturday 28 September, one of the events of the year in Prato takes place:

For the first time, more than 20 years after their dissolution, our city has the honor of hosting the legendary KINA, who will make a stop at the Contro on their Reunion Tour !!!

One of the most historical and main bands in the history of Punk / Hc Italiano and not only ...
With them, in this historic Festival, other 4 bands that for many years have held the flag of the genre in vogue.


9.15 pm: Open doors

From 9.45 pm:

Freigeist (1989)
Punkistan 2001
Angry'N'Punx (2013)
The Alano (2001)
Kina (Punk / Hc legend since 1982)

KINA - Bio:

The Kina story begins in December 1982.
It is the birth of a seminal band for the Italian and European Punk / hardcore scene.
They will be one of the bands that will characterize her most in her best years.
In 1984 they released their first demo tape.
Already in July 1984 they start their European tours.
Playing in Germany for 5 concerts, they were one of the first hardcore groups to cross the Italian borders.
In January 1985 they released their first LP "Unreal Reality".
With that record also begins the story of their 'Blu Bus' label which until 1998 will publish all their albums.
In December 1984 they made their second German tour and in December 1985 they toured in Holland with Negazione and CCM. In May '86 they released their second LP entitled "Cercando ...". The album was also published in England by COR (Children of the Revolution).
From October to December '86 they do a European tour that takes them from Spain to Denmark.
They recorded their first 7 "" Troppo Lontano "at the end of the tour in a studio in Germany in Lübeck and published it as soon as they returned home in January '87.
In May '89 they publish an MLP called "The desertion of the circus animals" where they played while the former Franti, Stefano Giaccone and Lalli, gave the voices.
In June they make another tour in Germany and in December they release their third LP "If I won, if I lost".
One of the highlights of their production that will consecrate them as one of the best Punk / Hc bands.
In 1990 they recorded a concert in Germany that will become a live album for the German label "Your choice live series". Following the tour begins that will take them to Germany, Denmark and Norway. At that point the group got bigger and Stefano Giaccone entered the band permanently, from January 1992 he played sax, guitar and sung.
With the new formation their fourth LP called "Parlami ancora" was born, which was published in January 1993 by Blu Bus and X-Mist in Germany. This record was their cry against the growing right-wing neo-fascist culture that is becoming increasingly influential in Italy. The disc will be taken on tour for half of Europe ...: Spain, Germany, Holland, up to the countries of the East.
In May 1996, Blu Bus released their fifth LP "Città invisibili". In January 1997 they embarked on their last German tour and concluded the group's history.
After more than 20 years, they return to the stage for their Reunion Tour 'If I Win, If I Lose'.

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Il Contro (Ex Riff, Ex Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Maliseti

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